10 Richest Personalities of Pakistan !

Many times you may be heard about richest persons of the world, but do you know about the richest personality of Pakistan. Many of Pakistanis think that asif zardari is a Pakistan richest personality but this is not true so below is the detail of 10 richest people of Pakistan according to a research based study.

        1 – The richest person in Pakistan at the top of the List is MIAN MANSHA, who is the managing director of MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank) besides 40 other big companies. The total value of his assets is approximately 2.5 billion dollars. However he is said to be a simple and humble person.

image 1

        2 – At number two falls the name of Ex-President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, whose most of the assets are out of country. The total value of his assets is round about 1.8 billion dollars. He is said to be the owner of many sugar and textile mills in Pakistan.

asif ali zardari

        3 – The name of Sir Anwar Pervez is at number three who is said to be holding assets of 1.5 billion dollars. He is the chairman of Bestway Group besides more than 50 Cash and Carry establishments in Pakistan.

sir anwar pervaiz

        4 – The Name of Mian Nawaz Sharif is at number 4, who is said to have assets of more than 1.4 billion dollars including many mills and assets abroad.

nawaz sharif

        5 – Sadarud Din Hashwani is said to have assets of 1.1 billion dollars and falls at number 5 in Pakistan. He is the owner of many hotel chains, insurance companies, minerals companies, batteries companies, construction, engineering and IT based companies.

Sadarud Din Hashwani

        6 – Mr. NasirShon and his family have been put on number 6 and is said to have assets of more than 1 billion dollars. He is the head of Shon Group.

Mr. NasirShon

        7 – Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob, the owner of ARY group of companies is said to have the assets of more than 1 billion dollars equal to the Shon Group.

Abdul RazzaqYaqoob

        8 – The eighth richest person in Pakistan is Rafique Habib and Rasheed Habib who according to an estimate own the assets of more than 72 Crores. They have more than 100 companies in the world. They have also given a loan to Pakistani government of the value of 8 crores in 1948.

Rafique Habib and Rasheed Habib

        9 – Mr. Farooqi who is a big business figure of the province of Sindh and also ex-minister. He is said to have assets of more than 40 crores.

Mr. Farooqi

      10 – The number 10th is not yet occupied but there are many business tycoons who can be put on this number including owners of many private banks, mills and group of companies.

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