10 Top Foods for Strong Teeth and Bones!

Everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy with a good set of teeth and good bone structure because both are mirror of your overall health and personality. For maintain good health of by making your teeth and bones strong. You will need sufficient intake of calcium. In fact, several other 10 Top Foods for Strong Teeth and Bones!nutrients’ and vitamins are required to maintain the strength of your bones and teeth.

So here are Ten Best Foods that makes your Teeth and Bone Strong.

Stephen D’souza (Dental Student at Terna College) says – Apple is a natural toothbrush. It helps to stimulate your gums, increases saliva flow in the mouth and prevents cavity buildup as it cleanses the teeth surface. Plus they are loaded with various vitamins and minerals. Try eating a full apple after your dinner to clear the interior part of teeth.

There are various dental health benefits in Celery. It is the best weapon you can use to keep bacteria inside your mouth at bay. As you chew celery, it helps in producing more saliva in your mouth which further prevents plaque production. Eat a piece of celery, once a week if you want to brush your teeth naturally.

Drink as much water as you can. It’s not only helps to clean your mouth but also helps to clear toxins in your body which can create tooth decay. Water helps to produce saliva in your mouth (watery substance located in the mouths) which deposits essential minerals into the teeth. The best way to keep your teeth decay free is by drinking sufficient amount of water after minimum 20 minutes in every food intake.

Cheese;10 Top Foods for Strong Teeth and Bones!!
Cheese is very good choice to make your teeth strong and healthy. Cheese also contains casein, which helps in fortifying your tooth’s surface. Hence, if you are prone to cavity, start chewing a small piece of cheese to prevent decay.

Kiwi a great source of vitamin C. Proper amount of vitamin c in the body helps in maintaining the collagen network in your gums, prevents gum infections, fastens healing and strengthens your gum which further helps in preventing periodontal disease.

Pears is fibrous in nature, it helps in producing additional saliva in your mouth. It also has a larger acid neutralizing effect on tooth surfaces. Eat pears daily to keep your tooth surface strong and healthy.

Whole grains:
Whole grains (brown rice, wheat, oats and buckwheat) also reduce body’s need to metabolize protein for energy. This process protects muscle tissues. Besides, it is also rich in magnesium which aids in absorption of calcium from blood into the bones to make the bones strong and healthy.

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium. Choose skimmed or low-fat milk to keep your calorie level in check. It also contains other fortified nutrients like vitamin D, which are essential for bone health.

Orange Juice:
Oranges are must-haves for healthy bone strength as they are loaded with beneficial nutrients like vitamins, minerals and calcium. They can be especially used by individuals who have intolerance to lactose and cannot obtain their daily calcium requirements from dairy products. Hence, try incorporating more oranges in your daily diet to help your bones become stronger and healthier.

Dal 100gms (urad dal) has around 200mg of calcium. And other lentils has also good amount of calcium which are essential for Bone health.

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