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Cucumber a Perfect Source for Skin Care and preventing Diseases!

Usually a cucumber is use for salad in Pakistan it is also be use as a decorating of foods such as you can served chicken tikka roll with cucumber yogurt, chilled yogurt cucumber & mint soup and with many other cuisine for their good looking.  In Pakistan it comes form the Southeast cities of Pakistan where it grows easily but especially India has a number of genetic varieties of it. You can easily purchased cucumber from your nearest market, now it is available in average Rs.80/kg (29-Oct-2011) in Karachi.Cucumber for care

It is a very beneficial for the skin. It contains useful nutrient, including vitamin C, potassium silicon and sulfur. It also gives a cool refreshing feeling when applied externally on the skin. There are the following external uses of cucumber that can easily do by any one.

Such as..
Puffy eyes: The high water content in cucumber makes it colder our skin. This helps of reduce swelling and puffiness in the same way as cold compresses.

Sun burns: In case of sun burns. Topical application of cucumber gives a cool and calm effect. Its repeated use helps for reducing the heal scratch. Usually chilled cucumber slices are more effective.

Hair Loss: Silicon and sulphur present in cucumber are known to stop hair loss. These also promote new hair growth.

Cucumber is also a very beneficialCucumber juice for protecting you against diseases for example: It helps in kidney and urinary bladder disease; it also helps for preventing against Liver disease, the potassium in cucumber makes it highly useful for conditions of high and low blood pressure, it has the enzyme that helps to digest protein, it juices is very valuable for preventing diseases of teeth, its radish and bitter gourd are valuable in diabetes. So let’s make your recipe more effective by using cucumber and move away skin problem and diseases from your side in just Rs.80/=.

Beef is One of The Most Nutrient Wealthy Foods!

Beef is one of the best nutrient-rich foods. It’s not only giving you the bundle of necessary nutrients but it also has one of the highest concentrations of nutrients compared to many other proteins. It is no#1 source for protien, Vitamin B12 and Zinc.

hunter beef


Protein — helps build a strong and muscular body

Zinc — Helps create a healthy immune system & heal wounds

Iron — Helps carry oxygen in the blood to all cells and muscles to prevent fatigue

B-Complex Vitamins (including Vitamin B12, Niacin,Vitamin B6 and Riboflavin

Beef may also play a positive role in cancer prevention. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) — is a fatty acid found naturally in beef. Modern research indicates CLA may play a role in cancer prevention by inhibiting tumor growth & development and can affect body composition by decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. So let’s enjoy the greate taste of beef with scrumptious recipes by karachifoods for healthy and active life!) — Help release energy from food.

Special Pakistani Eid-ul-Adha Recipes to Sure Your Taste Buds Craving for More!

Eid-ul-Adha is one of the most important religious events for Muslims. According to Islamic rules Qurbani meat divided into three parts equally, theyTikka distribute one part of the sacrificial meat to the poor and 2nd part to relatives, friends and neighbor, the rest keep their self. The Muslims of all over the world, especially Pakistan are as much zealous about the Eid-ul-Adha foods as they are about its rituals. Every Muslim family takes great care to prepare the exclusive dishes on Eid-ul-Adha. Sometimes even the whole family decides on what to cook and what not. The idea is to make the menu over-the-top and include foods which are not regularly eaten on other ordinary days.

Eid-ul-Adha menu is sure to put your taste buds craving for more! Most of thMutton Roaste Eid-ul-Adha items are focused on the meat. Eid-ul-Adha menu is mainly dependent on sacrificial meat of Eid-ul-Adha ritual. You can go to a number of appetizing preparations with beef like beef Handi kebabs, Kaliji Fry, Beef Biriyani, Mutton Karhai, Afghani korma, Kofta and many more which are often the Eid-ul-Adha favorite food among Pakistani Muslims. People arrange get to gather Bar B Q parties with our relatives or friends and make Bar B Q as Bihari Boti, Dhage wale Seekh Kabab, Masala Chanp and many more. So let’s have a taste some scrumptious traditional Pakistani recipes to make your event more special. has a wide range of Eid-ul-Adha special recipes!

Spot Light on Pakistani Traditional Cuisines

Traditionally Pakistani cuisine is a blend of three regions of the Globe – Middle East, Central Asia as well as South Asia. The native of these spots love Pakistani cuisine which is famous internationally. It is notorious for its affluent taste and scrumptious food recipes. In Pakistan itself, each region has its own unique cuisine and diverse heritage that is reflected in their recipes. From kababs to rice dishes, our Pakistani recipes offer wide range of foods for tourist attractions.

chicken karahiPakistani Dishes

Some prominent foods which are significantly admired and included into our culture are Chicken Karhai, Biryani and Nehari. Chicken or mutton Karhai is usually served hot with flat bread (Naan) whereas the chicken korma is the most common recipes. The most common cuisine in interior Sindh is Sindhi Biryani, Daal chawal and Tehari. There are a variety of condiments that go with the rice, for example, Palao Yakni the creation of a brown rice. The Maash Palao which is especially prepared for vegetarians and when it comes with sweets or desserts, mouth-watering options are available there, such as Peshawari ice cream, falooda, Kulfa and Kheer, whereas Custard is the most desirable desert of the people of Pakistan. There is also a long list of candies and sweets are geared up, such as Barfi, Kalakand, Jalebi, and Panjiri where Gulab Jamun is the most common sweet dish liked by the people. So let’s take pleasure in the most scrumptious and traditional cuisine of Pakistan. Find largest collection of authentic Pakistani recipes online through

Different Parts of Beef on a Cow

Cow’s beef is very popular among the people of Pakistan and all over the world and they like to cook different dishes with beef. It is also called “Baray ka Gosht”. Bakra Eid is just around the corner so, I have to share as the cows different parts of beef that gives you different tastes in different recipes.


 1.     Neck Part (Gardan Ka ghost)
This is a most delicious part of a meat commonly used in broth so that it is easier to swallow. You can cook soup with black pepper.

2.     Shoulder Part (Dasti ka ghost)
This section is mostly used for roast or broth same as Neck. You can make any your favorite recipe because it is rich of meat.

3.     Spinal area Ribs (Chaapain)
It should be used for Pulao, Biryani, that’s recommended. Spinal part flesh used for Roast, Karahi, Qorma, Balti gosht, Bhuna ghost as per taste.

 4.     Sirloin
This is the best part of a meat should be used to prepare Seekh kebabs, Shami kebabs, Chapli kebabs, Bihari kebabs, Chinese style undercut, and Boti kebabs.

5.     Rump (Puth ka ghost)
You can be roasted with the bone for better taste.

6.     Leg (Ran ka ghost)
It can be used for beef bites, stewed or boiled meat and also good for making of kuna ghost, Pasanday, Achari ghost, masala ghost, or “Bihari Kabab”. The leg is a healthy part of the cow as it doesn’t have very high quantity of fat on it.

7.     Aitchbone
It is a slice of beef from the upper part of the leg it is usually used in Nihari. There are some highly rich fats beside the aitchbone. It is very tasty, so use it where ever you want the Aitchbone.

8.     Humeral Part
It can be used for transparent Yakhni pulao, Biryani and with out bones humeral part can be use for cutlets or Kababs.

 9.     Breast Part
It is best for Yakhni pulao, Dahi ghost, Salt and pepper beef skewer, Hunter beef or steaks.

 10.  Groin part
It is also good for chopped cutlets.

11.   Front and 12. Rear shank (Tang ki nalian)
This part is also use for Nihari Recipe and you can cook roast.