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Let’s Come to Know Some Basic Pakistani Kitchen ware!

A Pakistani kitchen consists on necessary cooking ware that can be used to prepare the southern region Oriental foods. If you are a newbie and wanted to set up your Pakistani kitchen for the first time, you could go through the referrals guideline that follows to get a concept about what Pakistani Basic kitchen ware that you should have to buy, to start off.

Here is the list of some basic necessary equipment for Pakistani kitchen:-

1.   A Flat Pan or A Tawa

A Flat Pan or  TawaA Flat Pan (A tawa) is used to cook the flat bread that is prepared by using a rolling pin or Belan. It looks like an American skillet but it is very larger in size. It is easily available in the market with stick or nonstick.

2.   Ladle or Kalchi

LadleIt is a Pakistani edition of a ladle and is used for mixing, preparation and also use for the distribution of foods. Traditionally it was made by wood but in this age a stainless steel; long hand-held ladle can be useful for stirring and serving meals.

3.   Hamam Dasta

Hamam Dasta is a very essential part of Pakistani kitchen or the Mortar and Pestle used for grinding and mixing spices. It can also be helpful for creating a curry pasteHamam Dasta or grinding spices to make a mixture called Gram Masala that is normally used in almost all Pakistani curries. That is traditionally made up by stone or wood. Nowadays the stainless steel edition is also available in the market.

4.   Karahi

KarahiKarahi is much heavier, deeper and quite small and is mainly used to fry and cook ingredients. It is mostly used for deep frying and cooks some special cooking dish like Karahi Gost. Nowadays a non-stick Karahi is also easily available in the market.

5.   A Grater (Kaddu Kass)

GraterA Grater can be used to grater vegetables and gourds. It is a very much helpful for cooking the perfect Gajar Halwa by grating carrots and make easy prepare different types of salad as well.

6.   Masala Daani or Spice Rack

Masala DaaniAny kitchen is incomplete without a spice rack specially Pakistani Kitchen. Traditionally there is a rectangular wooden box with compartments that have sliding lids; this has evolved from the traditional look and feel to being a metal container that holds small bowls & hold spices or masala.

7.    Stainer

stainerChalni is a handheld filter that helps to filter out solids from the liquids. It can be used to segregate dust from flour & rice before cooking them and also used for the segregate tea leaves from the tea and is usually made up of brass or stainless steel.

8.   Tongs (Chimta):

TongsTo prepare a perfect version of roti or flat bread, a chimta can be used for preparing the perfect bread. It can also be used to roast the perfect Papad as well.



The above cooking ware is most basic and essential that can be used any kitchen across the world for cooking some interesting Pakistani dishes. So let’s get some necessary kitchen ware and then ready to cook some delicious tasteful Pakistani cuisine by the help of

Let’s have some Eid Ul Adha Top Special Recipes for a taste Full Eid!

Eid-ul-Azha is a time to strengthen family and community ties. People share meat as per Islamic rule and also invite one another to share some special meat dishes in this Eid-ul-Azha or Bakareid. It is important religious holidays celebrated by Muslims worldwide and prepare many special dishes by using sacrifice meats to make this eid more delightful. Every nation of the country have different taste which known as there tradition or specialty. Pakistani cuisine is a blend of cooking traditions from regions of the subcontinent. Although there are great variations from one area to another, Foods from Sindh province, and the Punjab region are identical to north Indian cuisine due to the strong similarity of taste.

Some of the popular Pakistani-cuisine that are specially prepare during the month of Eid-ul-Azha (Dhu al-Hijjah) are as following.

Lahori Beef Karahi: It served usually with freshly made tandoori naan and Chapati (roti).

Seekh kebab / Bihari Kabab one of the famous Eid ul adha foods usually serve with Paratha and Tandoori naan.

Shahi Koftay: It is one of the most notable recipes women make on special occasion like Eid-ul-Azha and due to its unique ingredients (masalhay) in Shahi style, Shahi Koftay is an admirable choice for every food lover.

Bhuni Hui Kaleji: it is a typical instant dish to serve just after ritual of slaughter to starts this Islamic fair.

Paaye: It is not a common dish because we usually prepare this recipe on big occasion like Eid-Ul-Azha or any celebration day at our family. People like Paaye with different kinds of Naan.

Hunter Beef: It is the most common recipe prepare at our home on Eid-Ul-Azha, people usually separated the leg part of a meat for Hunter Beef recipe.

Pasta koftay: It is a unique recipe because it’s a blend traditional recipe along with Chinese ingredients which make this dish distinctive for a big occasion.

Mutton Karhai: It is a familiar dish for almost every occasion like wedding and parties but noteworthy recipe for Eid-ul-Azha.

Korean Beef: It is a simple and full of flavor recipe. It’s perhaps our desired way to make beef, it is usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, or you can also make it with chicken but on an occasion like Eid-Ul-Azha it’s best with Beef.

Beef Biryani: It is a desired dish for everyone, but with Raita, Salad and any spicy sauce, it makes your mouth scrumptious on a day like Eid-Ul-Azha, so make this Islamic day a splendor for your family and friends by making appetizing Pakistani top recipes that turn out well on a this traditional carnival of Muslim.

Tips for Cooking perfect Fish Fried with some Easy Steps!

During the winter season usage of fish increase than the other season. Especially in Pakistan the demand of seafoods increased during the winter season which is very much helpful for keeping warm inside. Here is an exclusive tip for cooking perfect Fish Fried by following some easy steps that will be useful to you.

  1. First of all heat the cooking oil in a fry pan that should be very hot just before the fish is added.
  2. For checking the oil is hot enough, press the tip of wooden chopsticks to the bottom of the frying pan. It should crackle vigorously.
  3. To keep the temperature stable do not add too many pieces at once.
  4. When the edges of the fish change color then it is time to shift the fish with alternative. If the fish shifts easily, it is ready for turning.
  5. To handle with splash oil, first cover your hand and cover the pan with pan cover. There is also a special sieve-like cover with a handle that is perfect for preventing oil spatters from frying fish. If you cover the pan, note that the fish will cook faster.
  6. To minimize spattering oil, tap the fish dry with paper towel.

So now let’s move towards the kitchen and try these exclusive tips for cooking perfect Fish Fried and feel the taste of difference. has wide range of many others special sea foods recipes that are very easy and quick for cooking so lets enjoy this coldest winter season with some delicious taste of hottest sea foods Now.