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Mango Tango Tilapia A Delicious Summer Salad Recipe!

If you are looking for a light summer salad recipe than must try this recipe that combines your favorite’s summertime fruit – mango and pineapple – with Tortilla Crusted Tilapia for a refreshing lunch or dinner experience.

MangoTango Tilapia Salad

Ingredients that are required

  • 2 Sea Cuisine™ Tortilla Crusted Tilapia fillets
  • 1 cup diced mango
  • 1 tomato, sliced
  • ½ cup fresh or canned pineapple slices
  • ¼ cup roasted red pepper strips
  • ¼ cup sliced red onion
  • 1 Tbsp. fresh snipped chives
  • ½ cup Catalina-style salad dressing
  • 1 small head romaine lettuce, shredded


Cook Tortilla Crusted Tilapia as directed on package. Meanwhile, on one half of 2 individual over-sized salad plates, arrange mango, tomato, pineapple, pepper strips, and onion. Sprinkle with chives. Place salad dressing into 2 small dishes and place onto plates. On the other half of the plate, place 1 piece of tilapia, cut into strips, onto a bed of lettuce. Than Serve this delicious summer Salad. has wide range of mouth-watering, Cool and Refreshing Drinks and Deserts for summer. So let’s visit now and enjoy your favorite Drinks and deserts at your home by KF easy & quick recipes.

Watermelon Help to Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack!

Researchers says that eating watermelon help in lower blood pressure and protects you from pre-hypertension which is the main cause of heart attack. By the study by scientists it has been described that an amino acid found in watermelonwatermelon improves the performance of the arteries and reduces blood pressure in about one in nine patients from pre hypertension as well.
Someone might have to take the L-Arginine for amino acid because amino acid is essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure as a supplement. However these supplements to some adults have adverse effects such as nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
The Researchers determined that there are no found adverse effects who ate watermelon. It is not only containing amino acid but also store other nutrients such as vitamins A, B6, C, fiber, potassium and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.
Watermelon DrinksAccording to the latest report there are more than 16 million men and women affected High blood pressure in Asia. This disease increases the risk of heart attack or stroke was doubled, and resulted in over 60,000 deaths annually.
So lets eat now watermelon which is a the great refreshing summer fruit as well. has a good range of watermelon recipes from the desk of experts that make it more delicious & lovely.

7 Health Benefits of Cherries

Cherries are not only delicious, they’re also good for you. Here are seven reasons to include them in your diet. Anti-Inflammatory
Cherries have gained fame as one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories, which means they’re beneficial for many different conditions. This is due to the anthocyanins in cherries that researchers have found prevent free radical damage and inhibit cyclooxygenase enzymes better than many anti-inflammatory drugs.

Arthritis Benefits
According to the Arthritis Foundation, drinking tart cherry juice mixed with water three times a day may be beneficial for people with arthritis. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Heart Health
A study at the University of Michigan found that a diet that includes a lot of cherries lowers all the overall risk factors for heart disease, including inflammation, body fat, and cholesterol.

Cancer Protection
Researchers have found sweet cherries to be cancer fighters thanks to their high level of an antioxidant called cyanidin. Cyanidin is an important free radical scavenger and may also promote cellular differentiation, an important process in the body’s fight against cancerous cells.

Memory Booster
Anthocyanin is also good for the brain and has been shown to improve memory.

High in Beta Carotene
Cherries are high in beta carotene, containing 19 times more than blueberries or strawberries.

Sleep Aid
Cherries contain melatonin, a hormone that regulates the body’s sleep cycles.

Cherry Colada ( چَیری کولاڈا ) Recipe

چیری آدھا ٹن
دودھ ایک کپ
کوکونٹ ملک ایک کپ
کوکونٹ پاؤڈر ایک کھانے کا چمچ
چینی حسب ضرورت
برف حسب ضرورت


چیری، دودھ اور چینی بلینڈر میں ڈال کر اچھی طرح بلینڈ کرلیں۔

کوکونٹ ملک اور کوکونٹ پاؤڈر ڈال کر مزید بلینڈ کریں۔
برف ڈال کر تھوڑا سا مزید بلینڈ کریں اور گلاس میں نکال کر ٹھنڈا پیش کریں۔

Cool and Refreshing Dessert for Warm Summer Evening!

On warm summer evenings, No one wanted to spend time for cooking up desserts for dinner parties, birthday parties etc. Moreover, summers tire us more and you really don’t want to do any strenuous cooking. Most of us love eating sweet pastries and desserts and other banana recipe especially for their children. So for your help here is a delicious banana split cake recipe that you can prepare in a very short time and enjoy with everybody.
BananaSplit Recipe
What you will need:
• Vanilla ice cream 1 scoop
• Chocolate ice cream 1 scoop
• Strawberry ice cream 1 scoop
• Banana 1 cut length wise into 2
• Chocolate sauce as required
• Nuts as required
• Whipped cream as required
• Cherries for decoration
• Wafer biscuit 2
For Chocolate Sauce:
• Water ½ cup
• Sugar 4 tbsp
• Coco powder 2 tbsp
1. In a small oval plate, put scoop of each ice cream.
2. Then banana slices on the sides.
3. Top the ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts.
4. Decorate with whipped cream, cherry and wafer biscuits.
5. Method for Chocolate Sauce: Cook sugar and water in a pan for 5 minutes.
6. Add in it coco powder.
7. Mix it paste ¼ cup water and whisk well.
8. Cook for 2 minutes till sauce thickens, remove cool and use. has wide range of mouth-watering, Cool and Refreshing Dessert for summer. So lets visit now and enjoy your favorite deserts at your home now.