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Ramadan Iftar Special Recipes of Pakistan!

In the month of Ramadan people make special preparations to pray together and listening holy Quran being recited during these prayers and arrangement of special foods for Ramadan. In Pakistan People return to home early from their work so that they could join their families on Iftar dinner & women to prepare many Special Ramadan Recipes. Normally Ramadan recipes are varying from one country to another. Since Muslims are spread all over the world so their local customs and local cuisines also affect their recipes and the menu of Iftar Dinner. Some ingredients such as Dates are common almost everywhere. In many countries Muslims break their fast by eating a Date to follow the way of Prophet Muhammad.

Ramadan Special Recipe

How ever In Pakistan Ramadan recipes are quite similar to indian Ramadan recipes. Samosa and Pakory are common in both countries. Another common Ramadan recipe is Fruit Chaat recipe, in which fruit salad is served with spices and sugar.

During the month of Ramadan there are many iftar party conducts where lots of special recipes are prepared & peoples get together for celebrating. Drink is also a very important item in iftar dishes in Pakistan people usually drink a rose flavored drink called Roh Afza. In rural parts some families serve Lassi or Yogurt Milkshake instead of rose flavored drink. If Ramadan arrives in summer then lemonades are served at Iftar dinners. Since Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar so there is no fix season for Ramadan. Therefore seasonal fruits and ingredients bring more variety to Ramadan recipes.

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