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Keep Your Refrigerator Odorless By Some Useful Tips!

Awful smell of the refrigerator is an ordinary problem of every household.There are very easy natural solutions to this issue which are easy to apply, but before moving on to the solutions it is very important to understand the causes of this obnoxious smell.

Causes of the Awful Smell

  • Stale food leftovers result in the unpleasant smell and the bacteria found in such food items are injurious to health.
  • Spilled milk stench is very strong and turns the whole fridge into a rotten box.
  • Bacteria start to grow in the stagnant water which in turn causes odor.
  • Electricity failure makes the frozen stuff soften and this sometimes results in the unpleasant smell.
  • Uncovered items diffuse their strong smell.
  • The thermostat issue can also result in stinky fridge as the temperature control gets disturbed and the frozen food gets defrosted.
  • Fruits and vegetables get rotten and smell really dreadful if not treated right away.
  • Going on vacations, leaving the fridge unattended can result in the unpleasant smell too.

Natural Remedies to Keep the Refrigerator Odorless

  • Prevention is the first and foremost action to be taken. Keep your refrigerator clean and this will surely keep the bad smell away.
  • A piece of coal in a small cup or plate, if placed in the refrigerator will help keep the aroma off eatables away.
  • Mix some baking soda in warm water and clean your fridge by dipping a sponge in the water. Baking soda has an odor absorbing elements and is a very effective way and an inexpensive solution to the problem.
  • Covering the eatables properly will help to keep their strong smells away.
  • When you go for vacations, clean your fridge and make sure all the perishable items that can go stale are out of the refrigerator.
  • White vinegar can also be used to clean the fridge and keep it fresh.
  • Coffee beans in a jar are used in perfume shops to neutralize the strong perfume smells when you go to choose a perfume. The same technique can be used for your refrigerator. Put a small cup or jar of coffee beans with its lid open to defuse the smell.
  • Do not over load your fridge with stuff as this hinders the circulation of the airflow which causes food spoilage.
  • Be careful of the expired products. Keep the products with close expiry in front so you can use them before they perish.
  • Spread a thick paper or newspaper on the shelves. This will ease the cleaning if something spills on it.

All the above tips to keep your fridge fresh are natural, affordable and easy to apply. has wide range of such a use full Tips & Totkay.

PappaRoti Cafe Now Opened in Pakistan!

Pappa RotiKarachi, February 04, 2013- PappaRoti an international chain for buns and an array of options for beverages now opened at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi with its “versatile assault on the senses”. The signature buns café extends its success story further after setting up over 400 PappaRoti cafes and kiosks across the globe – an absolute testament to the brand’s appeal. Exclusive rights to open nationwide chain of PappaRoti in Pakistan are acquired by Zahdan Retail, a company of Zahdan Group (Pvt) Ltd.

From Left to Right ( Mr. Usman Sakrani,Mr. Reeyaz Moosa, Malaysian Consul General Mr. Abu Bakar Mamat with Zhalay Sarhadi, Mr. Sikander Aziz & Frieha Altaf at the launching ceremony oPappaRoti is the flagship Café of PappaRoti Trading Sdn. Bhd. and PappaRoti (M) Sdn. Bhd – Malaysia. Launched in 2003, the brand has gone from strength to strength with restaurants in Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Australia and now in Pakistan. The brand’s success was sealed thanks to the authentic and memorable taste of the coffee-coated buns accompanied with delicious beverages.

Mr. Murtaza Hashwani, CEO of Zahdan Group, said ‘We are very excited about the debut launch of the PappaRoti in Karachi, and very soon we will be launching it to other parts of the country. Going by the tagline “The Father of All Buns”, the PappaRoti Cafés are becoming more and more popular across the globe for their world-famous buns, and the large variety of teas”.

Mr. Usman Sakrani, COO Zahdan Retail said: “The magic begins from the moment you take a first bite of the crispy outer layer of the bun. This crunchy layer at top our bun is derived from a creamy concoction that has been carefully created with only the finest flour and eggs. The word “Roti” means bread in Malaysia, making the owner of PappaRoti the “Father of buns”.

Mr. Reeyaz Moosa of Moosa Group Inc, who is the master distributor for Pakistan, says this is a start of many outlets to be opened by Zahdan Group, in Pakistan. In the next 3 years to follow we plan to successfully launch at least 10 more outlets across the board, starting from Islamabad and then Lahore. Mr. Moosa was accompanied by Mr. Sikander Aziz, Development Director, Hashoo & Zahdan Group, ensured that Pakistanis get the same level of service and commitment of the product as seen worldwide.

Today is undoubtedly a landmark day when referring to café industry in Pakistan. This is the first time that an international café of this nature which focuses exclusively of scrumptious buns has ever come to Pakistan!” The magic begins from the moment you sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer of the bun .This crunchy layer atop our bun is derived from a creamy concoction that has been carefully created with only the finest flour and omega-3 eggs” is brand’s vision & belief of anyone who has savored their mouth watering signature buns.

The exotic buns café is a sweet treat for all the up and about Karachiites who love to eat out and are always craving for something new to tantalize their taste buds. The culture of going to café’s is become more and more popular in Karachi and with a totally innovative concept now introduced as “PappaRoti”, people are already anticipating pampering themselves with a nice cup of coffee & their secret recipe gourmet buns.

Aside from the ambiance and the enticing fragrance, the glazed caramel buns & frothy beverages were enjoyed immensely by the guests present at the launch. These items were served in great profusion by stunning models such as Manal & Abeer who were adorned in chef’s costumes & showing great hospitality & warmth.

The launch was organized by Catalyst PR and Marketing. The Malaysian Consulate General was the guest of honor at the event & Zhalay was the Chief guest for the ribbon cutting ceremony.