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Healthy Eating Menu for Toddler!

bigstock_Little_girl_eating_breakfast_6602435_0Give healthy eating to your child with variety of foods so that he or she gets the right nutrients (such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals) for normal healthy growth.

The right way to make sure children are healthy, than assure to provide him or her variety of nutritious foods that are low in fat and sugar or either have sufficient sugar or good fats. Meals and snacks should follow recommended patterns with appropriate accommodations made for each age. Food should be given at intervals not more than 3 hours apart during the active part of your child’s day. Components of meals and snacks should be planned so that they are appetizing and provide adequate servings from the milk, yogurt, and cheese group; meat, poultry, fish, dry beans and egg group; vegetable group; fruit group; and the bread, cereal, rice and pasta group.

How Much and what Food is Good for Your Child?
The Food assortments should be based on balance, variety and moderation. For example:

- 1 cup of specialized milk for toddlerseating carrot
- ½ bowl of breakfast cereals
- 1 Boiled Egg
Snack1: – ½ cup fresh fruit juice

- ½ cup cooked vegetables
- ¼ cup meat, chicken or fish
- ½ cup potato, pasta, rice … (starches)
- ½ cup fruit salad

- 1 cup of specialized milk for toddlers
- 1 small yogurt/butter sandwich
- ½ cup tomato, lettuce

Daily Toddler Needs:
Fruit & Veggies 4 servings per day
Protein 2 serving per day
Dairy 16-24 Ounces Per day
Grain: 4 serving per day

  •  Can be meat, chicken…etc.
  • Can be cheese or yogurt …etc.9682
  • Can be bread, cereal, rice …etc.

*Help your child get enough dairy
Aim for 3 servings of milk, yogurt or cheese a day as it is a good source of calcium for healthy and strong bones.

*Make Sure To Give Half His/her Grains Whole and Cereals
Make sure that at least 1/2 the quantity of the total grain requirement comes from whole grains (Ex. Bulghur, wholewheat bread)

*Vary the Veggies
Aim to provide him / her different healthy veggies as per season.

  1. Dark Green Vegetables (ex. parsley, broccoli, spinach..) = 1 cup weekly: A good source of vitamin A, C and iron
  2. Orange Vegetables (ex. carrots) = 1/2 cup weekly: A good source of beta carotene (vitamin A)
  3. Dry Beans & Peas = 1/2 cup weekly: A good source of fiber

*Aim for 3 teaspoons of vegetable oils a day

*Sweets only as treats
Limit sweets to protect your child from tooth decay and excess calories that are poor in nutrients. Offer it to him only as treats for avoiding his developing a sweet tooth.

Pakistan Top 5 Urdu Cooking Magazine!

Cooking magzineFrom continental dishes to Asian traditional recipes there are a List of the best cooking magazines in the Pakistan, ranked in order of popularity. Cooking Magazines are specialized in anything from healthy cooking to regional cuisine and comfort food. Cooking is a vital part of many cultures and it can be different as diverse social structure. Good cooking magazines aim to empower home cooks and help them bring quality food to their kitchen table.

But let’s be honest, many of us mostly read cooking magazines for the photographs. Which cooking magazines have the best pictures? Best looking food photos is one of the small thing, because the main object of any best cooking magazines are making someone able to cook delicious healthy food through proper tested recipes. Here is some best urdu cooking magazines name that definitely helps you for making some scrumptious foods.

1)      Masala TV Food Magazine:
It has Pakistan most famous chef recipes in English & Urdu. It’s the highest selling Urdu food magazine

2)      Bawarchi Khana:
Bawarchi Khana Is a Monthly Urdu Cooking Book Containing a Large Number of Recipes, Health and beauty tips…etc.

3)      Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan Magazine:
Its published every month have a lot of  recipes and  information about healthy food how to make food what food will make you healthy and a lot of related to food and health.

4)     Cooking Khazana:
It is a Monthly Urdu Cooking magzine with many healthy scrumptious recipe and many more healthy and beauty tips and totkay.

5)      Mahnama Kitchen Magazine:
It is also a Monthly Urdu Cooking Book that contains good range of different recipe, Health and beauty tips…etc. It is one of the most selling magazines as well.

Exclusive interview with Cooking Expert Zubaida Tariq!

Zubaida-TariqMrs Zubaida Tariq is one of the most well-known TV personalities who began her profession at later part of her career, but succeed to get massive achievements on both TV and fm stereo. She is an extraordinary individual combined with confidence and passion. Her food preparation skills no need any introduction and she is certainly the no 1 food preparation professionals in Pakistan.

Here is an Attractive Interview with Zubaida tariq

How did you start your career?
I started my career at the age of 50, this age when people retired but I started my career at such an advance age. However I started my career with Unilever’s Dalda Advisory service

What inspired you to start the job of a radio jockey?
I think the best medium to express oneself wholly and unconsciously is Radio and it’s also the best institute to learn how to use your voice according to the situation!

What is your favorite fm Radio station?
Off course Apna Karachi 107 because tradition and respects are still live over there.

How do you hold the attention of your listeners while doing ur show?
Attention…its Natural

Do you enjoy the element of music beats while draying?
Yes I do..if the song good!

Do you do some voice exercises or is it purely instinctive?
time nahi milta for doing any voice exercise.. magar Allah ka karam hai key ghar ki tarbiyat aysi hai key baat karney ka saleeqa ata hai!

Who are the most significant people in your life?
Meri aulad, unkey bachey aur merey miyan. jaab maa baap hotey hain tou who zahir hai magar abb who dono nahi hain. And my brother and sister also.

Your all time favorite song?images.ashx
Lata ka gana “chanda rey”

Which living person you admire the most?
Meri bahu..

Your best friend in life?
My Child hood friend Salma is one and only best friend

Three things u never forget to take with u while going out?
Purse, wallet, mobile..chasma hamesha bhool jati hoon.

If you have to describe yourself in one word ,what that it be?
Achi insaan.

Which TV shows you enjoy watching?
Koi acha Drama ho tou dekh leti hoon. wesay koi nahi!

The best compliment you have ever received?
Mujeh hamesha compliments merey kaproon aur chooriyon par mila aur totkay per tou apko pata hi hai!

Define Ur self in THREE words
Main umar key us stage per hoon jahan main “aik achi Housewife” kehlwana pasand karoon gi aur loog kehety bhi hain. Allah ka karam or ek achi housewife who hoti hai jo rishtoon ka ehtraam kartey huye ghar chalati hai!

Do you believe in ideal?

Your education?
1st yr main atey hi shadi hoagyee thi..(hastey huye,, hahahah )

When you meets someone for the first time which thing u observe the most?
Baat cheet kerney ka tareeka

What is your strongest point and weakest point?
Strong point ye hai key main kisi se maroob nahi hoti aur weak point ye hai key main sensitive buhat hoon jo ajj key duar main nahi hona chaiyee

What are the plans you have in mind for future?
Wesay tou zehan main buaht kuch hai magar professional thinking nahi hai isliyee bata nahi sakti jo kaam milta hai karleti hoon!

What is your greatest fear?
Mere khuaff apney Mashray key liye hai. woh kis taraf jaraha hai..hamari tehzeeb khatam hoti jarahee hai or hum buhat hi ziyada westernized hotey jarahey haih!

Your Favorite smell?
Chameli key phool ki khushoo.

Your fav meal?
Khatti daal chawal aur qeema!

Any message for your fans and listeners?
Sirf aik msg bhi kaam kareen jis filed main bhi jayeen achi niyat se kareen,emaandari se kareen aur mazboot qadam raheen..Allah zaroor qamyaab karey ga!

Now rapid fires:
Iman or vaneeza?
Vaneeze se main mil hiue euar emaan se mulaqat nahi hai..magar Vaneeza bauht achi bachi hai!
Shan or moammar rana?
Ptv or star plus?
Lata jee or asha jee?
Lata key bauht se ganey buaht achey hai magar Asha versatile hain!
Atif Or Strings

Note: This interview was taken by

Keep Yourself Energetic During Hot Ramadan Days!

Ramadan-Iftar-Sehri-Deals-2012-Blog-TitleAs we know that the ramazan came during the summer hottest days however the 1st 10 days of Ramdan has passed very well that is also known as Rehmat ka Ashrah and after that the Ashrah Istaghfar has been Started from this Ashra  we feel the strictness of Roza due to the dry summer days. So what should we have to do for maintaining our energy?

When you fast, your energy mostly depends on the sugar glucose that you consume during your Sahar meal. But this meal can only provide energy for five hours and then your body has to depend on its stored glucose and fats. And after fasting the whole day, it is the Iftar foods that will provide your body cells with calories and nutrients to give you energy and vitality.

What to Eat in Sehri for Getting Energy!
For getting longer lasting energy these days, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the food you eat at the time of sehar or predawn meal. It is considered essential, as it prevents hunger, bread cerelactissue breakdown and offers better stamina ability during the long day.

Try to eat gradually digestible and absorbable foods which are rich in fiber such as complex carbohydrates Like breads (Roti), Rice, pasta, potatoes, Fruit Juice, Desserts…Etc. These foods provide you energy that can last for many hours. Foods that are high in sugar can provide energy for only a short time and then lead to a drop in the blood sugar levels, leading to low energy. In addition, Wheat breads and cereals are rich in B vitamins which help release energy from the food you’ve eaten.

You can also eat protein-rich foods together with your complex carbohydrates, such as milk and dairy products (yogurt and cheese, preferably white cheese which has a lower fat content) or beans, chickpeas that will make you feel active for a longer period.

Iftar to Refill Your Energy Stores
Break your fast with a few dates, a glass of fresh juice. Dates and juices are good sources of carbohydrates and help bring your low blood glucose to normal levels. Liquids (water, juice) also help maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and replenish energy that was lost nutrition-exercise-ramadanduring the day.

  •  For more energy and vitality make sure this meal is balanced by including complex carbohydrate sources, protein from meat, vegetables as well as fruits.
  • Don’t eat too much of deep fry iftar items.

Few tips to prevent the feeling of thirst during your Ramadan days:

  1. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and water between Iftar and Suhour to prevent dehydration
  2. Limit your intake of fried foods and foods high in fats and sugar
  3. Avoid foods high in salt such as pickles, salty crackers and nuts.
  4. Try not to drink too much tea especially at Suhour as it can increase fluids lost through urination.
  5. Don’t overeat at the Suhour meal

 Note: Light exercise among 3 pm and Maghreb time can help you for burning body fat which allows you to lose or maintain your weight.

Restaurants Iftar Diner Deals 2013!

iftarrThe 5th Roza of Ramadan 2013 has been passed and there is only near about 25days are remaining so don’t miss any benefits of Ramadan and try to focus to perform all religious duties that are imposed on us as a Muslim.

To make your Ramadan more delight full there are many restaurant who offers exclusive discount especially for Iftar plus dinner. We get or try to get the better in completing our data for the Best Iftar deals from all major cities of Pakistan especially from Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad from top restaurants like Tabaq, Chez Nur, Yum Chinese, California Grill, Opium Thai, Bundu Khan and many more.

Iftar Buffet deals offer a bunch of assorted ramadan snacks that start from the Date, pakora recipe, samosas, dhai bhallay till a great range of main courses and desserts depending upon what they have to offer. This year there are more than 50 Restaurants in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad offering Ramadan time deals. We will be working hard to increase this quantity of Ramadan offers day by day as the restaurant offered.

However top 10 famous Restaurant Deals are here. If you want to check out all restaurants deals than click: Ramadan Iftar Deals 2013

The Deli Restaurant Karachi
The Deli Restaurant Karachi Celebrate a Healthy Iftar & Dinner in just Rs. 899 + Gst!Ramadan-Queen-June2013

Mirage Buffet Karachi
Mirage Ramadan Deal Iftar + Dinner buffet 100+ dishes. Adults Rs.1050 per head & Kids Rs.650 per head (all rates are including taxes) Iftar at Mirage will start from 3rd day of ramzan.

Rangoli Buffet Karachi
Rangoli iftar dinner deal in just Rs. 1099/= only

Marco Polo Restaurant Karachi
Marco Polo Restaurant Karachi offers iftar + Dinner in just Rs. 1475 + tax and Sehri Rs.699 + tax (Children from 4 till 9 years will be Charged Half)

Mela Restaurant karachi
Mela Restaurant karachi Ramadan iftar + Dinner offers in just Rs.750 for adults and Rs. 400 for kids.

Masoom’s Café Lahore
Masoom’s Café Lahore offers Iftar Platter in just Rs.550/=OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tabaq Restaurant Lahore
Tabaq Restaurant Lahore Offers Iftar Buffet in just Rs.1315/= inclusive tax

Yum Chinese Restaurant Lahore
Yum Chinese Restaurant offers great deals on chinese recipes at Lahore Special Iftar Buffet Rs. 1195!

California Grill Lahore
California Grill Lahore Ramadan Iftar Offer at Rs. 1099+Tax

Papasallis Restaurant Islamabad
Papasallis Restaurant Islamabad offers Iftar/Dinner Buffet at Rs.1250+Tax

So Let’s enjoy the yummy tasteful foods from your favorite restaurants.

Avoiding Weight Loss During Long Fasting!


Some people gain weight in the holy month of Ramadan & others effort to maintain their weight from lessening off the standard range. In fact, fasting could be quite a confront for maintaining a healthy body weight. Particularly, if your food intake is not sufficient to meet the minimum caloric necessities for the basic needs of the body than it would be harmful.

Why Do Some People Lose Weight During Ramadan?

Sometimes fasting could last up to 13 hours or more. During this time the body requirements losing-weightglucose which serves as its energy source and is essential for its appropriate functioning. Glucose from food could last up to a maximum of 5 hours, after that the body tends to use its fat stores in order to provide the necessary energy. And not restoring these reserves after fasting would result in weight loss.

Ways to avoid losing weight:

  1. Have your Iftar in two stages: Some people can get full just by eating dates, pakora & chaat. resulting in them having just a little bit of the main dish. This usually ends up with inadequate caloric intake and might lead to weight loss. You should instead try to have your Iftar meal in two sessions. First have dates, fruite chaat, juice, pakora..etc. Then go for Maghreb Prayer and come back to have your main dish. In this way you would have given your stomach enough time to prepare for the main dish.
  2. Good to Remember: If you feel full energetic during Ramadan, then make sure you drink Ramadan imagewater between your meals and not with them. Have 1 glass at the beginning of Iftar, wait a couple of minutes then enjoy your meal. The rest (6-7 glasses of water or fluids) can be divided within your non-fasting hours but only 2 hours after food.
  3. Enrich your dishes with healthy calories: Sprinkle a generous amount of olive oil to your salad, or slice some olives on your baked, low fat cheese samosa. You can also add some nuts, fruite chaat and Ramadan desserts.
  4. Make sure to have your Suhour: It will be very difficult to meet your nutritional requirements with just one meal. This is why it is absolutely essential to have a proper Suhour to provide your body with the additional calories vital for your wellbeing, and to prevent any undesirable weight loss.

In the end, there are many ways to boost your calories and avoid losing weight during this month. You can do that by adding healthy nutrient- and calorie-dense ingredients to the foods you are eating. These include healthy oils, nuts, avocados and olives. Also remember to remain physically active during this month since this will help stimulate your appetite.

Make Iftar Perfect Meals!

Ramadan-Iftar-Sehri-Deals-2012-Blog-TitleWith Ramadan nearing, it’s probably the right time to think of how you can make Iftar a completely healthy and balanced food for yourself and your family members, since it is probably the most significant one you will have every day! A proper and healthy balanced Iftar will offer your body with the necessary without including needless calorie consumption, in comparison to a huge Iftar which can often cause to a sensation of pain in your abdomen.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that your Iftar is balanced and healthy for you and your loved ones:

Make Healthy Food Choices: Select intelligently from within the different food groups which include grain products, fruits and vegetables, meats and legumes, dairy and alternatives. You can imagesalso benefit further by varying your intake from within the food groups. For instance, choose wholegrain bread, brown pasta or long grain rice more often. Consume lots of vegetables and a minimum of 2 servings of fruit groups. Have lean meat cuts, fish and your skinless chicken more often. Switch from full fat milk and dairy products to low fat options, which would still provide you with the calcium that you need, minus the extra calories. And go slow with the usage of oils, and enjoy lighter sweet options!

Prepare Your Food Using Healthy Cooking Methods: Try to bake your chicken & beef instead of having them fried. Steam your vegetables for few minutes to enjoy their crunchy taste; this would also retain their vitamin content which could be otherwise lost with prolonged cooking. Cook your main dishes with a variety of vegetables, cut down on fat and salt which would make it healthier for your heart and well-being in general. Focus on soups as they provide you with the fluids that you have lost during your fast. It also serves as a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals which will help boost your immunity

Control The Size Of Your Portions: Eating big food portions might lead to weight gain. It could es-PIC2also result in a distended stomach and a feeling of discomfort. So remember to be moderate by controlling your portions to accommodate the variety of food that will be available during your Iftar.

Balance Your Dish: For a well-balanced meal, try dividing your main course plate into 3 portions: one quarter with carbohydrates and their alternatives, another with meats and their alternatives, and half your plate for salad and cooked vegetables. This will help cover your body’s nutritional requirements without necessarily adding extra calories to the food you are consuming.

Include The Essentials: Add a tablespoon of olive oil to your salad to enhance your heart health. Drink laban as a fresh drink rather than sweetened juices or soft drinks, because laban will provide you with a generous quantity of calcium to maintain healthy bones. Also include dried fruits which serve as an instant source of energy after a long day of fasting.

Vary What You Eat: Sticking to one kind of food for Iftar may prevent your body from having enough nutrients for its proper functions. When your food intake is varied, you are more likely to take in all the nutrients you need. And for more health benefits, vary your Iftar choices within your week and month.

Iftar is an exclusive gathering that you enjoy with your buddies and close family members. This is why it is important that you make sensible diet, to feel more healthy and balanced and satisfied. But most of all, having a proper and balanced Iftar daily will help yourself your associates members stay nourished and energetic all through this holy and blessed season.

Ramadan Healthy Eating!

ramadan-eating-1-460x250With long hours of fast, it becomes quite a task for a starving tummy to choose from eating healthy at iftar. But sometimes it’s not really tough, as it is easy to keep your weight constant and appropriate. All you have to do is prepare and eat food made from fresh edibles, cooked in a healthy manner for a nutritious Ramadan meal. This will keep you nourished while it will a lesson to be learned for other family members

Preliminary preparations for healthier foods in Ramadan

  • Choose fresh vegetables as they contain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Use fresh fruits to prepare juices and serve them without adding sugar.Healthy-Ramadan-Fruit-Drinks
  • Use low fat milk and other low fat dairy products.
  • Avoid using butter and ghee in cooking and substitute them with vegetable oils in small amounts.
  • Try using lean meat, fish and skinless chicken, and prepare them by grilling, boiling and baking rather than frying.

Your body need nutrients and for getting nutrients, your meals should contain all the basic food groups (bread and grains, fruits and vegetables, meat and legumes, milk and dairy products).

Here are a few things to choose from and a few to avoid:
To help you choose the right foods during the holy month, we have prepared a simple guide, loaded with many healthy food choices to keep you energetic and nurtured all through Ramadan.

Meat and other protein sources
image 1Fruits and vegetables

image 2

With such an assorted list of food available for you to choose from, this religious journey will surely be a nicely, healthy trip. And with a better view of your choices this Ramadan, you now hold the key to a nutritious diet.