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Overcome Dyhedration During Ramadan!


Water is very essential fluid that replenishes your thirst during Ramadan. Unluckily most of the public do not drink sufficient but have only little amounts at Iftar and then not remember to drink water until the next day!

Why do we need water?
60 –70% of your body is made of water and any reduction in your water intake can affect your body’s cells and nerves for functioning properly. That is why it is extremely necessary to recompense the loss of water from your body, because dehydration can cause undesirable side effects such as: constipation, headache, dizziness, tiredness and dry skin.

Why is water the best for thirst instead of other Ramadan drinks?

  • Unlike water, other fluids contain a lot of sugar and can result in you consuming extra calories
  • Drinking too much of the Ramadan drinks and other soft drinks will fill up your stomach and delay your digestion process

Good to Remember
Water plays a significant role in weight loss and maintenance, because it helps to get rid of toxins and reduce the feeling of hunger. This is why it is important to drink small quantities of water Fruit_Of_The_Water_by_aRoguethroughout the night.

How to prevent getting thirsty during Ramadan
The food that you eat play a major role in controlling your thirst while you are fasting. Here are facts.

  1. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. If you are exercising and are outdoors in hot weather, you lose more fluids. So make sure you drink more water.
  2. Avoid hot and spicy dishes as it increases thirst
  3. Do not add too much salt to salads and other dishes. Also avoid eating salty foods like salted fish and pickles as they increase the body’s need for water
  4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables because they are rich in water and fiber. They stay in the intestines for a long time and reduce thirst.
  5. Drink fresh fruit juices rather than sweetened juices
  6. Try not to drink large quantities of water all at once or a lot during a meal. Instead drink water between your meals.

Good to know
Drinking iced water to break your fast does not refill your thirst but can cause your blood vessels to contract and cause indigestion. For this reason, it is recommended you drink water at room temperature or slightly cold.

Health Tips for Ramadan!

Ramadan Health TipsThe fast of Ramadan is meticulous during the best of times. Between long and hot summer days, it may be required observe the fast for as many as sixteen or more hours. To ensure satisfactory nutrition and maintaining health and weight, follow these tips:

Tips-to-Stay-Healthy-in-RamadanPrior to Ramadan, a Muslim can consult a doctor or a dietician about the safety of fasting in individual health circumstances.

  1. Even if you are healthy, Ensure that Ramadan will take a toll. Plan your daily dietary plan ahead of time in order to make sure you get the nutrients, hydration, and rest that your body wants.
  2. Eat suhoor just prior to dawn. Because its benefits are various that one cannot memorize as it is also mentioned in various ahadeeth. It will help you to wake up for the Fajr prayer. The suhoor meal is Sunnah. Focus on taking in foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, fruits or vegetables, and plenty of water.
  3. During the hottest part of the day, stay in cool areas (indoors or in shade) and limit your 633860145372153750physical activity. Rest if possible.
  4. Follow the Sunnah: break your fast with dates and either milk, water, or fruit juice. After the maghrib prayer, continue with a light starter such as soup and crackers.
  5. During the early evening (after maghrib), have a healthy and balanced dinner. Do not overeat, and be sure to drink a few more glasses of fluids.
  6. During the evening hours, resist the temptation to drink tea, coffee, and soda. When visiting friends or family, ask for glasses of water.
  7. Serve yourself, your family, and guests a “dessert” of fresh fruit and nuts. They are lovely choices available in this season, and they are much healthier than chocolates and candy.
  8. Light exercise, such as walking for 15-20 minutes, is best done in the evening hours.
  9. Avoid fried and spicy foods as they may cause heartburn or indigestion.
  10. Ask to your doctor about an proper multi-vitamin.
  11. Continue to brush and floss your teeth several times a day or Use Masvak five times before namaz.
  12. Quit smoking!
  13. Organize your schedule so that you get enough sleep.

So let’s follow the above tips to make yourself healthy and active during each Ramadan days.

Lemon Juice Health Benefits This Summer!

r-LEMON-BENEFITS-large570Pakistan is well-known for its harshly hot summers and with the sun coming out in full force. In this summer season every year people turn to drinks to refresh themselves that also helps to make their body cool. Lemon juice which is not only refreshes you but also provides amazing health benefits and the most important thing is that it’s a very economical drink that everyone affords!

How is the lemon healthy?
There are lots of health benefits of lemon about that we are unaware. This innocuous looking fruit comes packed to the brims with Vitamin C, an important vitamin needed by the body to function normally. But other than Vitamin C it also contains other vitamins in high amounts such as Riboflavin, Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and many proteins and carbohydrates. To put it simply, the little yellow lemon that we know is actually a pocket dynamo when it comes to granting health benefits.

Health-Benefits-of-Lemon-JuiceFollowing is a List of 6 Health Benefits that are provided by the Tangy tasting Lemon Juice.

Helps with High Blood Pressure: Lemon belonging to the citrus fruits family comes loaded with Vitamin C and Potassium, both of which are found lacking in a High Blood Pressure patient and both of which help control blood pressure. The high Potassium content also helps those suffering from heart problems immensely as potassium helps in maintaining a normal heart function.

Helps With Mental Stress: Lemon juice with its high levels of Vitamin C helps to reduce stress and depression. Individuals with a weak immune system are prone to lose Vitamin C from their bodies whenever they are faced with stress. Plus lemon juice has a very calming effect on our nerves, making it the ideal drink whenever faced with high levels of stress.

Helps To Maintain Healthy Teeth: Fresh lime juice when applied on the gums helps in reducing tooth ache not only this but topical application of the same also stops the gums from bleeding. Lime lemon-juice-recipes-272x300juice also works wonders when it comes to alleviating bad breath and removing stains that form on the teeth due to plaque accumulation.

However, one is advised to exercise precaution when using lime juice for oral hygiene as it contain a high level of citric acid which can weaken or erode the enamel – protective covering found on the teeth.

Helps in reducing Cholesterol levels: Lemon Juice is an excellent natural choice when it comes to maintaining one’s cholesterol levels! It helps raise the HDL cholesterol levels – good cholesterol levels and also stops the LDL cholesterol from being oxidized. The vitamin C found in abundance in lemon juice along with limonin, a liminoid found in citrus fruits help reduce the total cholesterol levels in those who have high cholesterol levels.

Helps to cure Throat Infections: Lemon juice has amazing anti-bacterial properties and gargling with lemon juice has proven to help with the curing of throat related infections such as sore throat, oral ulcers and tonsillitis. Drinking Lime juice daily has also proven to be quite beneficial for those suffering from peptic ulcers.

Helps To Gain A Healthy Skin: Our skin requires Vitamin C for its upkeep, and lemon juice with its abundant quota of Vitamin C provides just that when it comes to skin care. The health benefits provided by drinking lemon juice to the skin are that it improves collagen levels and repairs tissue damage. Vitamin C also acts as an anti-oxidant helping prevent wrinkles, sunburn and fights free radicals which can cause blemishes and acne.

Helps Treat Urinary Infections: Lemon juice acts as a diuretic, which means that it helps you loose more water through urination. This coupled with the detoxification properties of lemon juice, it makes an excellent natural choice to treat Urinary Tract Infections. For those suffering from recurring UTI’s, it would be advisable to include the daily drinking of lime juice in their diet.

Lemon Juice provides a variety of health benefits. And in Pakistan you can easily found in a very cheap price, so it is not difficult for drinking a glass of lemon juice every day this summer!

Special Rainy Day Recipes!

logo_rainy_day_foodsAfter weeks of sunny days and intense heat I woke up to a dark, wet, cold morning. I want you to know I’m not complaining here as I like July temperatures to appear in July, rather than in June. No doubt the little baby birds and the kids are also enjoying this beautiful rainy day. And everyone especially Kids wants to eat some sort of dry and spicy foods that must be scrumptious in taste to make this rainy day remarkable.

Now a very general question is raised on any occasion that “what should be cook”? So don’t worry we will give you some idea which will definitely help you for choosing the best recipes in this rainy day that everyone loves.

pb-336-img-img-mix-snackHere we are with some easy recipes store that will help you for choosing the best.


So chose the best recipes among the above recipes stores and make your day remarkable with some yummy taste of foods that are easy to make as well.