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Top 6 Hi-Tea Restaurants in Karachi!


High-TeaKarachi is also known as the city of light there are many international and national food chains are located who served not only the best quality of foods but also provide a very hygienic and calm environment. During the ramadan the buffet was on top and many reputable restaurants offers buffets with some different discount packages but just after the ramadan it is noticed that the demand of Hi-Tea is also increase due to this we make a chart for Karachi top 6 Hi-Tea places.

Here are the Top 6 Hi-Tea Restaurants in Karachi.

Marcopolo Restaurant (PC karachi):
Marcopolo RestaurantMarco Polo Restaurant Karachi is the most admired domestic eateries in Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi. They offer not only buffet but also good taste of Hi-Tea.

Hi-Tea Timing: 4pm to 7pm
Price: Adults and above 5 years Kids Charges 599+tax
Dishes: 7 Dishes (Dahi-Baray, Chaat, Pakoray…etc)
Facilities that offered Marcopolo: Wifi, Velvet Car parking, Take Away, Credit Card, Kids Friendly
Address: PC hotel Karachi
Phone# (92-213) 568-5021, 111-505-505

La Terrasse Restaurant Karachi (Ramada Plaza)
La Terrasse, Ramada PlazaLa Terrasse Karachi offers an ideal blend of local and continental food with delicious world famous continental recipes. Now Experience a scrumptious dining at La Terrasse whether you are celebrating a happy juncture with friends or want a quiet dinner with a loved one, La Terrasse offers the delicious menu and quick service to give you a fantastic and remarkable dining experience

Hi-Tea Timing: 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Price: Adults Charges 550+tax Kids (3 to 7 Years) will be Charged Half.
Dishes: 50 Dishes (Dahi-Baray, Chaat, Pakoray, Cake, Tea…etc)
Facilities that offered La Terrasse Restaurant: Wifi, Velvet Car parking, Take Away, Credit Card, Kids Friendly
Address: Ramada Plaza Karachi
Phone# 92-21-924-2600

Lal Qila Buffet Restaurant Karachi
Lal QilaLal Qila Restaurant in Karachi is a dramatic and eye-catching insight of the glory of our sparkling esthetical essence. All the way a blend and modernism, adorned with courtesy of mughlai era lalqila Menu & buffet Pakistan offers you to dine out genuine Mughlai, Tandori, and Live Bar-B-Que & Traditional Pakistani cuisine.

Hi-Tea Timing: 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Price: Adults Charges 690 including tax Kids (3 to 7 Years) will be Charged 390 including tax
Dishes: 45 Dishes (Dahi-Baray, Chaat, Pakoray, Cake, Tea…etc)
Facilities that offered Lal Qila Buffet Restaurant: Velvet Car parking, Take Away, Credit Card, Kids Friendly, Air-Conditioned
Address: Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Block 7 & 8, Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone# 0321-2219000, 0321-2719000, 111-525-745

Rangoli Buffet Restaurant Karachi:
Rangoli Buffet Restaurant KarachiRangoli Restaurant Karachi is positioned at Arena, well-known for Indian and Pakistani Cuisine. The surrounding of the restaurant is par excellence and the structural design is delicate with different halls sorting out the dining places. There are also live cooking areas where there are diverse ranges of dishes being cooked, like Shawerma, Saji, Kata cut, Pasta and more. Heart-touching music and sweet-smelling dishes insert to the matchless environment of the restaurant.

Hi-Tea Timing: 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Price: Adults Charges 695 including tax Kids (5 to 7 Years) will be Charged 520 including tax
Dishes: 31 Dishes (Dahi-Baray, Chaat, Pakoray, Cake, Tea…etc)
Facilities that offered Rangoli Buffet Restaurant: Velvet Car parking, Take Away, Credit Card, Kids Friendly, Air-Conditioned
Address: Arena FEC-01, Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Main Karsaz, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone# 92 (021) 9924 5251 – 54 (4 lines)

Salt n Pepper Village Restaurant Karachi:
Salt n Pepper VillageVillage restaurant was found in 1966 and it was well renowned by its mouth watering cuisines and good live music.Its a good place for family entertainment,birthday celebrations,family gatherings,friends and also wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Hi-Tea Timing: 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Price: Adults Charges 638 including tax Kids (3 to 7 Years) will be Charged 438 including tax
Dishes: 50+ Dishes (Dahi-Baray, Chaat, Pakoray, Cake, Tea…etc)
Facilities that offered Salt n Pepper Village Restaurant: Velvet Car parking, Credit Card, Air-Conditioned
Address: 3 – B, Beach Avenue, Phase VI, D-H-A,, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone# 92 21 5843121

Nadia  Restaurant Karachi
Nadia Coffee Shop has little strokes which raise it over further lounges. Roomy and sparkling, it Nadia Cafe, Marriot Hotelcaptures the right character of Karachi by presenting luxurious all-day dining of global and traditional demand.

Hi-Tea Timing: 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Price: Adults Charges 645+tax including tax Kids (3 to 7 Years) will be charged half
Dishes: 30+ Dishes (Dahi-Baray, Chaat, Pakoray, Cake, Tea…etc)
Facilities that offered Nadia Cafe: Wifi, Velvet Car parking, Take Away, Credit Card, Kids Friendly
Address: Marriott Hotel, 9 Abdullah Haroon Road, Karach
Phone# +92-21-111223344

There are many other restaurants who also offers Hi-Tea such as Ziafat, Mela Restaurant, Shan-e-Muglia..etc

Nakarah Cheezon Ko Karamat Banain!

As we have seen that People make wonderful artwork from trash, especially metal, cans, bottles, etc. If you have an old tissue box you could Re-use to put pens and pencils inside of it instead of throwing it away or you can get a candle holder and u can put things in it.

So here are some cool and easy tricks that how can you convert your trash into something useful? You can use them in your daily life. By using these recycle techniques in your daily life will save your money and a good cause towards green environment.
image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6image 7image 8image 9image 10image 11image 12image 13

Top 5 Health Benefits of Apple!

AppleWhich is the fruit that indicates health? Which fruit’s health benefits are such that they keep even the Doctor away? Yes, Apple is the fruit that takes such a recognition prize among the fruits. Here are some healthy benefits of Apple.

Best known phrase – An apple a day keeps the doctor away….

Prevent From Cancer
Apple is an excellent source of pectin, a fiber that helps reduce blood cholesterol and possibly prevents cancer. One medium-sized apple provides five grams of dietary fiber, or 20 per cent of the recommended intake of fiber. It also contains many anti oxidants that benefit the body as follows.

Weight loss Property:
A study by Brazilian scientists showed that women who ate apples everyday lost more weight than those who didn’

Controls Cholesterol:
Chemical compound pectin found in apples that helps to lower LDL or the ‘bad’ cholesterol. People who eat two apples per day may lower their cholesterol by as much as 16 percent

Prevents Heart Disease and Stroke
Research has confirmed that flavonoids, a type of antioxidant abundant in apples, help prevent heart disease and stroke. So, next time you peel off the apple skin you are going lose its nutrition, hence remember not to peel the skin

Strong Bones:
Research by French scientists found that menopausal women who ate apple benefitted from a flavonoid called as phloridzin which protected them from osteoporosis and also increased their bone density.

Apple is also known to reduce the symptoms of asthma in children, reduce signs of anti-aging and help manage diabetes by reducing the insulin requirement of the body by 35%.

Apples have been available in Pakistan Markets in just Rs. 5o kg. so purchase such a beneficial fruit and Keeps yourself away from the doctor.

Right Way to Eat Vegetables!

Vegetables are among the healthiest foods. They’re full with vitamins, minerals, and other substances that our body needs for optimum performance and robust immunity. People eat vegetable on regular basis but the problem is that we donot know howmuch to cook the vegetables because some vegetables are eaten without cooking, while some needs to be cooked and some need semi cook. Here we are to inform in urdu that what is the better way to eat vegetables.
image 1peyazimage 2image 3image 4image 5image 6image 7lehsun

Latest Bridal Dresses 2013 – Fashion in Pakistan

Pakistani bridals dresses are not only worn in Pakistan but it also wear in many other countries. Pakistan fashion industry established and became very well-known in a very short period of time. Now Pakistani designers are familiar all over the world. Today I have decided to share some latest Pakistani bridal dresses with my audience. I have collected some gorgeous and stylish bridal dresses for my spectators. These days’ different bridal dresses are popular in Pakistan.

bridal 2Pakistani bridal dresses consist of lehenga, gharara and bridal salwar kameez these all go with long shirts. There is a lot range of work on these Pakistani bridal dresses. Most famed works in Pakistan are dabka, zari, kundon, moti, organza and many others. Never think that bridal dress is the matter of one day or few hours infect, it is the matter of the whole life.

bridal DressesSo, you should buy your bridal dress according to the most current fashion trend in Pakistan. There are many fabrics which are used to make a beautiful and stunning bridal dress for example; georget, banarsi chiffon, silk and jamawar. And the popular styles of Pakistani bridal dresses are; fish tail lenghas, Lengha choli, antique style shalwar kameez, shararah lengha and pashwas are the huge demand in Pakistan and also seen these styles of wedding dress in Pakistani fashion shows. So lets make your wedding day memorable with these special dresses for special occasion.

Masala TV – Pakistan #1 Food Channel!

Masala-TV-Recipes-onlineDemand for the cooking shows in Pakistan was channelized by the introduction of a dedicated food channel named MASALA TV by Hum TV network. The first and only 24 hours cooking channel for Pakistan that was broadcasted transmission in Urdu. In November 2006 people of Pakistan experienced the launching of Masala TV and since then it has become an integral part of every household. Masala TV has features lots of different recipes, cooking experts, professional chefs, health consultants and informative shows that made the channel a favorite of millions. Masala TV is a part of Eye Television Network and is not just popular in Pakistan but is seen and appreciated by many Pakistanis living in overseas.

Some of the Most Favorite Cooking Shows of Masala TV are.

Cooking showsThe slogan of Masala TV is “add some masala to your life” that became a very popular line and turned out to be very attractive. The marketing of the channel was very strong due to this in a very short period of time it became hit. Masala TV has turned into a cooking teacher for thousands of viewers who watch their favorite cooking shows daily on it. This first step towards a cooking channel changed the entire cooking show market in Pakistan.
For Live streaming: Masala TV

Top Five Biryani Restaurants in Karachi!


Mutton_Biryani(1)Biryani is very popular in South Asia and it is a key element of the South Asian cuisine. Hyderabad, Kashmir, Lahore and Karachi are the main centers of biryani cuisine. There is vast range in biryani such as sindhi biryani, prawn biryani, beef biryani, Chicken Biryani Recipe, Mutton Biryani, Lahori biryani, Bombay Biryani and many more all are little bit different in taste due to their extra addition of spice (masala) or quantity of spice (Masala). However biryani is a main cuisine of all occasion, events and party due to this popularity of biryani many restaurants of Karachi add it as a main course and some most famous biryani restaurants of Karachi also entitle their restaurant name with the name of biryani.

Here is the list of some most famous Biryani Restaurant in Karachi.

student BiryaniStudent Biryani:
Student Biryani is one of the most famous Biryani restaurants in Karachi, they founded in Karachi first and then they explore their branches in the other cities like Lahore, Hyderabad and in UAE. Now it has been a very much renowned Biryani center in Pakistan. It has the most excellent biryani for biryani lovers. Students Biryani has become a famous brand in food market.


Biryani Centre:
From a decade ago Biryani Centre provides their services in Karachi when they launched their 1st Biryani Centrebranch in DHA Karachi. With the passage of time the customers demand rapidly increased keeping the demand in view Mr. Amanullah Khan expanded his business by opening 6 more Branches in other posh areas of Karachi. Today the Chain of Biryani Centre in Karachi enjoys a long-held national reputation for excellence in Pakistani food such as Chicken Biryani, Beef Biryani, Chicken Tikka Biryani, Fish Biryani, Prawn Biryani and Chicken Karahai with high class hospitality.

Biryani of the Seas (BOTS) , KAECHSBiryani of the Sea:
Biryani of the sea is also one of the leading local restaurants that serve the finest taste of traditional foods.  They serve Bar.B.Q, Karhai, Bargers, Rolls, Fried Fish slices, fried fingers, Fried Prawns and good quality of tasteful Biryani with different flavor. They are not only serves the delicious taste of cuisines but also provide a clean and up to date decor atmosphere which makes ideal surroundings for the stylish recipes being presented at Biryani of the Sea restaurant Karachi.

Premium Biryani Centre Karachi:
Premium Biryani & Haleem Karachi serves the scrumptious taste of Biryani & Haleem. Biryani is the Pakistan’s first and ultimate dish and Premium r Biryani is the foremost doorway for Biryani lovers. Premium Biryani center located in different parts of Karachi provide the genuine flavor of Biryani that is recognition of specialty Premium Biryani. So let’s come up to this restaurant and enjoy the delicious recipes with some hot offers and special deals.

Karachi Foods, Nursery

Karachi Foods Restaurant Karachi:
Karachi Foods restaurant is located at PECHS sharah-e-faisal Karachi. It is one the most outstanding restaurants of Pakistan that offers a large range of meal of traditional Pakistani, Indian and Chinese dishes. Under a Chill & comfortable surroundings so that you could also get relax and enjoy their tasty foods.

14th Street Pizza ‘Panic Button’ App for Quick Food Delivery!

From the last recent months 14th Street Pizza has been very active with their unique launches and activities taking place on Digital and Traditional mediums. It is now showing up with a new out of the box idea that is catering to its loyal customer base incorporating the mobile medium.

A Hunger Emergencies application has just recently been launched on the Android store that is a ‘panic button’ which caters to the brands’ loyal customers’ hunger emergencies with only the press of a button.14th-street-pizza-panic-button-1

“The idea,” explains Farheen Aqueel, Marketing Manager, 14th Street Pizza, “was to show importance to loyal customers by giving them a quick and simple order process when they have a ‘hunger emergency’.”

14th-street-pizza-panic-button-41In its first phase, the app consists of a simple PANIC button; when the user presses the key it sends a message to 14th Street Pizza’s customer service team who will than call their valued customer their self and give them the option of either re-ordering their last order or asking them for some new order.

In the next phase, the app will be made available to Apple users. 14th Street will also incorporate a full menu. Aqueel, however says the full menu is already available on social media it wasn’t really a priority to make it available on the app at this point in time. So let’s experience such an advance service and great taste with 14th Street Pizza via Android Application.

Are You Feeling Hungry During Work?

It is a general observation that people feel hunger at work. In doing certain work, your energy is What_To_Do_When_Youre_Hungry_At_Workbeing used and human being gets energy only from food. When you reduce your energy during any work, you feel hunger. But you might be thinking that what to do when you are hungry at work. The solution is very easy. We would suggest you some simple things that can satisfy your hunger.

During work, no one has enough time to go for special meal despite in the break hours. Maybe you cannot concentrate on your work for thinking about food. The office can be hard place to navigate when you are hungry. During work, feel hungry is a natural thing. To overcome this problem, you must keep some snacks and baked items on your working table. Snacking is not bad. But it is worse as it increases the calories too. So try dry fruits, raw veggies, hummus, nuts, sliced apples and peanut butter.

Keep A Water Bottle With You: Sometimes you feel thirsty but you think you are hungry. The Keep A Water Bottle With Youbody cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst so I must suggest you to turn to a glass of water or unsweetened iced coffee instead of popping open to potato chips. Water fills you up. It is important for you to keep a water bottle with you all the time. If you are bored of water, add some slices of lemon lime or mint that will keep you fresh.

Never Skip Lunch: In every office, employers have the opportunity of half time break. Keep a Never Skip Lunchwater bottle with you. It will help you to feel hungry at the time of lunch. Lunch will help you to energize your mind and body. If you are feeling over burdened and stressed then you should avoid fast food and look for a lean protein and healthy food which will fuel rest of your body. Try fruit salad and peanut or almond butter.

Having Tea or Coffee: You can also have a cup of tea or coffee that will recharge you and boost Having Tea or Coffeeyour energy to do work more efficiently. In fact, you can drink up to 4 to 5 cups of tea a day.  If you drink green tea, it’s even better. It is a good trick to reduce your lunch or dinner proportion. Having green tea will help in burning fat, if you drink it regularly.

Chewing Gum: A sugarless gum will keep your mouth busy and you will not feel hunger during work. Chewing a piece of gum can actually make you feel hunger. So I must recommend you to have a gum before the lunch time.

If you have nothing to eat during work and feeling hungry then you must indulge yourself in other activities like you can talk with your colleague and it will take away your focus on hunger for a while. Sitting for hours is boring and it also makes your muscles feel stiff. For many people, eating seems like a good solution when there is nothing better to do. So it is important to keep yourself busy in other activities.

Kids Birthday Cake Idea!

Are you looking for a birthday cake idea for your kids?

A birthday is one of the greatest days in a child’s life due to this the most important thing is birthday cake that it would be look like whether homemade or purchased from a shop it shows that someone really cares the more personal the theme of the cake it is the little more special to your child.So before order for the cake got the idea by chatting with your child and ask some questions to check the interest that what superhero cartoon he likes, what kind of doll she likes, what are their favorite animals, what flavor they like…etc. However the simple plain cake with candles can also be use but usually the main cake it the superhero cake or cartoon cake these are one of the most popular but make sure they still like there superhero because kid’s change their superhero like the wind.

Here are some designs of Cake.

kids cake2kids cakecake ideas
So let’s try such an amazing design of cake for celebrating your child birthday. Click Here for more Cake Recipes