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Dunya Ki Zehreeli Tareen Ghezain Jo Mazay Say Khaee Jati Hen !

Some people are actually having some trouble in choosing the right foods since they are not sure whether these foods are free from poison. It is really hard to choose the right food to eat if you do not know those foods that can poison you any time. So let’s here come to know which are top ten most poisonous foods that we love to eat.

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Palak Ke Mojzati Fawaid Or Chand Ghalat Fehmiyan !

Spinach or palak recipes is a popular vegetable used in food preparations throughout the country. It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C and iron, which improves your metabolism helping you burn calories at a faster rate. If you are fat and need to lose weight, eating spinach preparations can be a great option. Here are many benefits of spinach in urdu.

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Strawberry ke Chand Eham Fawaid !

Strawberry is the red colored, heart-shaped fruit that is not only delicious to eat but is packed with nutrients that offer a range of health benefits. Originating in France but easily available in Pakistan’s local markets, strawberry has become a popular fruit and flavoring substance all over the world since then. Here are some of its health benefits in Urdu.

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Pakistan Famous Chef and Their Cooking Shows!

From the last few years there is a good evolution in cooking shows in Pakistani channels in fact the trend of cooking shows was started from the first live cooking show of Indus TV in which Chef Rahat used to come with host Amber. That was very much popular and with a large number of fans following. Gradually, other channels started cooking shows. There are so many cooking shows are now working to give best and healthy recipes such as Masala Morning, handi masala tv and more.zaiqa-tv Continue reading

Dhoop Ghaza Beh Ha or Shifa Beh !

Sunlight is a good source of energy, there are many known benefits of sunlight on mood and health, but regular sunlight exposure also can have long-lasting, positive effects on bone health, heart health, immunity and disease prevention. Sunlight often serves to encourage exercise, physical activity, travel and social interactions.Here are the some more benefits of sun light in urdu.

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