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Kia Ap Cheeko Ke Heart Angeez Fawaid Sy Waqif Hen

Sapodilla (Chikoo) is among healthiest fruit filled with nutrients and health benefits. It is a sweet fruit with soft flesh inside.

It is filled with nutrients which makes it healthy. Antioxidants C actively fights free radicals to protect from cancer, inflammation and ageing. Vitamin A is highly beneficial for eye. Fiber in Sapodilla prevents constipation. You may also try chikoo in different recipes. Lets here come to know some more details about chikoo in urdu.

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Hari Bhari Bhindi Qeemti Fawaid ke Hamil !

Okra (Bhindi) contains nutrients that may confer a number of health advantages, including a decreased risk of many critical medical problems. It is also known as gumbo or lady fingers, okra is a common vegetable in Southern cooking, where it is serve as a fried, boiled for curry and use as a pickle. There is many good quality of bhindi recipes are also available however regardless of the cooking method, okra is a good low-calorie, fat-free, nutrient-dense addition to any diet. Here are some detail benefits of Okra (Bhindi) in urdu.hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 1 hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 2hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 3 hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 4hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 5 hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 6hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 7 hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 8 hari Bhindi ke Qeemti fawaid 9

Do Darya Restaurants – Pakistan Ki Mashoor Food Street

Do Darya Restaurants is very renowned dining spot of karachi. Where many people visit for smooth breeze in the evening, Many of people who have interest in fishing also use to go there for fulfill their fishing hobby and also enjoy delicious food with a beautiful sea view. It’s probably the only food street of its kind in Pakistan. Kfoods and Hamariweb Team specially go to Do Darya’s Restaurants for collecting some interesting detail. do darya Do darya restaurnats 2Do darya restaurnats 3 Continue reading

Kulfi Banane ke 10 Asan Steps !

Kulfi brings an instant relief during the summers. This is an innovative way of making your kids eat nuts, by adding them in the delicious kulfi. It’s very similar to the traditional ice-cream having the same taste and creamy texture but is ridiculously simple to make. Let’s try these easy steps to make Kufli at home.banner5 Continue reading