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Chef Na Hoti To Singer Hoti, Chef Shai

Chef Shai is a great name in chef’s world. She is perfectly trained in fusion cooking that merges the techniques, flavors and presentation. She is also specialized in Italian, French, Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, American, Indian and Pakistani cooking. Yesterday, KFoods Team met with her and get some more details about her life style for all KFoods lovers.Chef-Shai_1 Continue reading

Machli Ka Estamal, Burhapay Main Zehan K Liye Mufeed Hai

There are a number of health benefits of eating fish. It is a great source of protein, iron and zinc. Older person can improve their memory by eating fish. Here are some more details in urdu that how much a fish can be beneficial in old age. so lets enjoy the scrumptious fish recipes and improve your memory.Machli Ka Istemal_1 Continue reading

7th Food Agro Technology & Machinery Show !

Food, Agri & Livestock Asia 2014 International Exhibition & Conference was one of the most Food Agri Live Stockpromising and enduring exhibition that was held at Karachi Expo Centre. Food, Agri & Livestock Asia Exhibition was organized by Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (PVT) LTD where kfoods playing a Media Partnership role. The exhibition served as a comprehensive showcase of the latest in technology, equipment and machinery as well as allied services, while providing investors with a definite outlook of the regional Food, Agri & Livestock industry and an opportunity to meet their prospective counterparts and business partners.

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Neend Thakan Ka Wahid Ilaj !

This sounds simple but one of the most general causes of fatigue is getting too little sleep. Babies need about 16 hours a day and teenagers about nine. Most of the adults need seven to eight hours a night, but some may need as little as five hours or as much as 10 hours of sleep a day. Generally speaking, the older you get, the less sleep you need. So let’s here come to know that how sleeping helps to reduce your tiredness.Neend Thakn Ka Ilaaj_1 Continue reading