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Chef Farah Jahanzaib Died Today !

Chef farah jahazaibFarah Jahanzeb who is known as Farah Aaniya Alam after divorce from her husband Jahanzaib Khan, has loosed fight against breast cancer in this Morning, May ALLAH blesses her with jannah and forgive her sins, Insha’Allah!  She was one of the famous Pakistani chef celebrities her experienced been showing up in a cooking show on Zaiqa tv. She assisted many people to cook lunch, dinner and provided with scrumptious mouth watering recipes.

Chef farah jahanzaib

Chef Farah Jahanzaib was a renowned cooking expert.  She was a sweet and pleasant woman. She also works on Masala TV Channel and got countless reputation from this podium. Her recipes and dishes are very prominent among all Pakistani women in fact she was a great asset for the foods fans and her charisma will be missed by all.

Jalebi Recipe – Metah Khao Metah Bolo !

Jalebi is a sweet Pakistani-Indian dessert made of deep fried dough. It is a hot favorite for any asian special occasion specially in Pakistan. Here is an easy recipe of jalebi step by step. I am sure it will help you to understand it easily to make jalebi at home so let’s try this recipe and give your comments.

Oil for frying
1/2 cup milk
1/4 tsp saffron
1 tsp warm ghee
1 ½ cups sugar (Powdered)
2 cups all-purpose flour (maida)jalibe recipe

Method for Syrup
Step 1:  Add sugar in a pan and put it on low flame and add water slowly while mixing until you get one string syrup.jalebi step 1

Step 2: Now add saffron in it and Mix well.jalebi step 2

Method for Jalebi
Step 1: Mix one cup of refined flour and milk in a medium-sized mixing bowl. Stir until smooth. Add water only if necessary.jalebi step 3jalebi step 3 b

Step 2:  Now Cover and let stand overnight at room temperature.jalebi step 4

Step 3: Now Put this mixture into a plastic bag and punch a small hole at the other end.jalebi step 5

Step 4: Heat oil in a wok. Squeeze batter in a round spirals into the hot oil or ghee and deep fry.Jalebi Step 5 b

Step 5: Now fry it till Golden BrownJalebi Step 6

Step 6: Drain your Jalebi on paper towels.Jalebi step 7

Step 7: Soak it in your sugar syrup for about 2-3 minutes.Jalebi Step 8

Step 8: Use the remaining syrup to pour over them.Jalebi Step 9

Step 9: Serve hot on a platter!

Wonton Recipe – Maza Aisa Ke Haath Rokne Na De !

Wontons are mainly popular in Pakistan as a appetizer or snack. It is usually served in evening with chutney or ketchup and a cup of tea. And especially during Ramadan days I think it is the perfect treat as an iftar snacks. They are crispy and filled with chicken & vegetable, and serve with sweet and sour sauce. Here is an easy recipe of Wonton Recipe step by step so let’s try it now and give your views.

wonton 9 Continue reading

Iftari Jo na Ho Jaib Pe Bhari !

In Ramadan Lots restaurants are offering different sorts of iftar deals. So plan your get to gather with your friends and families in budget restaurant under Rs. 1000/= only.  Now I am sharing some restaurants that offers the best iftar + dinner deal under Rs. 1000 in Karachi, who have delicious foods and cool atmosphere to give you a complete dining experience.lasania Continue reading

Chef Zakir Ke Sath Manao Zaiqadar Iftar !

Chef Zakir is very popular in all over the Pakistan; His perfect ratio of recipe ingredients makes him distinguish chef. In fact in the month of Ramadan people make special preparations and arrangement for iftar foods and In Pakistan women prepare many Special Ramadan Recipes of different chefs.  So why not make today iftar special with Pakistan’s most famous cooking expert of celebrity Chef zakir.

Here is some of Chef Zakir Ramadan special recipes to make your iftar remarkablechef zakir image

SO lets make your iftar special with chef zakir ramadan special recipes

Dahi Bhally – Ab Hova Na Maza Iftar Ka Dobala !

Dahi bary is fine dish to have at iftar time and its demand also increases in Ramadan, in fact its use as a main dish for Iftar items so if you look for that how to make delectable dahi bhalay at home then do follow this recipe. In only some steps you can gather the entire knowledge of it.  So let’s try it and give your comments.Dahi bhalla step 13 Continue reading

Iftar Dinner Ke Mazain Samadar ke Kinaray – Do Darya Iftar Deals !

Are you willing to have an iftar dinner in a best dining spot in Karachi? If yes then I think you must visit do darya restaurants in fact it is a very renowned dining spot of Karachi, where many people visit for smooth breeze in the evening with a beautiful sea view. It’s probably the only food street of its kind in Pakistan.  Here are the different Ramadan deals offered by Dodarya well-known Restaurant.sajjad Continue reading