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Coffee Peyain Bemarion sy Mehfooz Rahen

Coffee Peyain Bemarion sy Mehfooz Rahen – It’s really shocking when something that is normally consider not good for the health and suddenly research shows that thing as a good for the health. Yes I am talking about coffee! According to the research coffee is good for Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Cancer as well. Lets here come to know more detail about it in urdu and also share it with you friends.01 Continue reading

Sabz Chai Or Usky Beshumar Fawaid

Green tea is the most beneficial tea as compare to others. It is not only beneficial in weight loss but is also effective in reducing the risk of heart attack. It fights against cancer, protect from harmful ultraviolet rays, anti- ageing benefits, boosts your immunity and much more. One must consume green tea at least once every day. Let’s find out more about it in Urdu and share it with your friends.01 Continue reading

Baitarteeb Bistar Apko Ziada sehadmand Rakh Sakta ha

Baitarteeb Bistar Apko Ziada sehadmand Rakh Sakta ha – It is a common perception that for comfortable sleeping  your bed must be clean and arranged in a proper way but according to the latest report of scientists, an irregular sleeping may also helpful to make you healthy. It is quite very much interesting but this is fact, so let’s here come to know more about it in detail.01 Continue reading

Kuhsorat Jild Ke Hifazat ke Liye Asan Nuskha

Kuhsorat Jild Ke Hifazat ke Liye Asan Nuskha – Winter is just knocking the door so it’s time to be ready for proper moisturizing of skin because during the winter season due to the dryness weather, we have to face different skin issues that is not only cause of skin damaging but also cause of pain as well so let’s here come to know some important tips that’s really helpful to you during such a dry winter season.01 Continue reading

Magrine (Adhay Sir ka Dard) Wajohat or Ilaj !

Migraine is a common headache problem in Pakistan and many other countries all around the world, we usually take it as a very normal disease and use different sort of medicines for getting relief from migraine headache without any doctor’s prescription. In fact it would may be a very much harmful to you be care full and don’t use any medicine without doctor’s prescription and just because it our team members specially discussed regarding migraine with Famous Neurologist Dr. Muhammad Shahid Mustafa to know about the reasons and its easy treatment.01 Continue reading