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Ankhun Ke Dilkashi Kaisy Barqarar Rakhen

Ankhun Ke Dilkashi Kaisy Barqarar Rakhen | Eye is the thing that is noticed first during meeting with any one if your eyes are dull or there are dark circles around them, it imparts a bad impact of your face. Eyes are one of the parts of your body which improve your beauty. Here we are going to tell you an easy beauty and care trick to keep your beautiful.01 Continue reading

Cehray Per Neklay Danoo Ke Liye Herbal Mask

Pimples and Acne are one of the worst nightmares for any woman. They have been haunting us since our teenage days and sometimes even after. It is a universal problem for all kinds of people, but most probably it impacts on eighty percent young people and five percent adults. Let’s here find out a simple and easy homemade mask that helpful to remove face acne, pimples…etc.01 Continue reading

Anday Khain Zehni Amraz Sy Mehfooz Rahen

Anday Khain Zehni Amraz Sy Mehfooz Rahen | Eggs are one of the best and low cost nutrition-packed foods and are important for a developed IQ. Eggs contain protein and healthy fats which are good for brain development especially in young adulthood. In research also found that the less you cook the egg, the more its nutritional value remains. The best way to consume eggs for brain development is to boil them and eat the whites.01 Continue reading