3 Simple Ways of Kid’s Skin Safeguard Against Cold !

It’s the time of that season when your child’s skin is more prone to dryness just because of lack of humidity however here are simple ways to make sure your child’s skin remains smooth during the cold season.


It is necessary to moisturize your kid’s hands at least twice a day. Use fragrance-free gentle hand cleansers to prevent irritation, Not use too thick or greasy and keep to use just after every washing his/her hands.

Use lukewarm water for bath:
Exposure to hot water can rob your child’s skin of natural moisture. So, use lukewarm water when 53197684c01921dd_INTRObathing your kid. Gently give bath to dry skin or dirty area of your child skin and after-bath moisturize you kids to protect their soft skin. Always remember that it is better to apply a moisturizer while your child’s skin is still a little wet to help trap in some moisture.

Remain Hydrated:
Make sure your kid gets enough water to drink through the day. Infants should be nursed at regular intervals. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your kid’s diet too. Making your kid have hot soup before a meal is a healthy way to provide nutrition.

So follow the above instruction and to keep your child skin smooth.

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