6 Best Stomach Friendly Foods !

Generally a disturb stomach is an effect due to the consumption of a wrong type of food, which leads to improper functioning of the digestive system. Overeating, too much consumption of fatty and spicy food, eating too fast, caffeine, carbonated beverages…etc are some of the reasons of a disturb stomach.


Here are the 6 best foods that help to prevent you from stomach problem.

These are easily digestible and usually do not upset the stomach.  In fact this fruit is known for bananashelping in stomach issues because they contain pectin, which helps to naturally firm bowel movements.

Numerous study has been already shown that ginger helps to improve overall digestive health.
If you do decide to take ginger, the recommended limit is 4 grams of ginger daily. (Start with 1 gram of powdered ginger or its gingerequivalent every four hours as needed.) You can also opt to chew on a piece of fresh ginger or a piece of ginger candy. I also like to steep fresh ginger in hot water for a soothing hot tea.

Papain and chymopapain are two enzymes present in papayas, which break down proteins and promote a healthy acidic environment in our stomach. Papayas help with digestion and lessen any irritation, thus papayabeing a good tummy soother. They are best consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach.

White Rice:
When your stomach is feeling disordered, it’s a good idea to attach with white foods like rice, toast, or boiled potatoes. These foods help relieve diarrhea by absorbing fluids and adding bulk to your stool.

Most dairy can be detrimental to an upset stomach, but a serving of plain yogurt can have quite the opposite effect. The key is to make sure you’re choosing a yogurt that is labeled as having “active cultures.” These Cinnamoncultures will increase the number of good bacteria in your gut, aiding in digestion and reducing the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated. Ideally, choose organic plain yogurt.

Traditionally used to treat both morning sickness and diarrhea, cinnamon is also effective for breaking up gas bubbles. Sprinkle it on savory foods (like chicken) as well as on sweet ones (apple pie).

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