6 Ways to Build Self-Confidence in Children!

Children feel reluctant to give the answer in the class or playing football with a group of friends, they need to be confident. Due to the lack of confidence it is very difficult to a child for expressing himself and their talent and intelligence get hidden behind the unwanted veil of under confidence

Developing confidence in children is very important for an overall development of the child as confidence gives them the strength to face the world in a positive way.

Here we are with some simple & important things that raise the confidence of kids.

 Begin early:
Building self confidence needs to begin very early. When toddlers learn to walk, attempt to brush their teeth, or eat on their own. They get a sense of being capable and it is important for parents to tap this fuel of confidence. With every new skill and milestone, kids develop the ‘I can do it’ confidence.

 Offer Opportunities:
Parents should help the kids in building their confidence by giving them lots of opportunities to practice and master their skills. They must have to remember that children will make mistakes for doing any new thing before, during or after but it is essential to offer them opportunities and good instructions to keep them motivated.

When the child faces other important challenges in his life, he will have a positive and confident approach as he accepts the facts that he has already been successful in other areas.

E.g If your son wants to learn, how to make a jam sandwich, the parents role would be to demonstrate and set the ingredients right. Let him give it at try.

But be remembering that making a jam sandwich may not seem like a big achievement but it is an important step which would go a long way to increase his confidence.

It is important for parents to be there, to boosts their spirits so that they keep trying. React with excitement and interest and reward them with praise when they make an effort at a new skill or achieve their goal. Do not criticize them for his lacks.

E.g. you have made good sandwich today except it that either its yummy or not.

Show your Trust:
It is important to build trust between you and your child from their early toddlerhood days. You can build confidence in your kids by inviting them to take risks, try new things, and make mistakes with your positive support. Trust is important to keep the children in a shell of comfort and at the same time assist him discover his own path and confidence to lead an independent life.

 Avoid comparison
It is important that parents never compare children to their friends or relatives but themselves. Parents are often tempted to use examples of other children as role models but this is actually discouraging for the kids. Respect their individuality.

E.g. Rohit does his home work on his own but you always need help to complete your work. Such comparison may cause of demotivation in the child and decreases his confidence and self belief.

 Show them that you love unconditionally
Lastly, but most importantly show them your love unconditionally. Parents should hug them, and tell them that you love them; it will help to build their self confidence. A hug conveys a message to the child that you love them the way they are and are always present to guide them and help them become better persons.


So start these procedures from the early childhood days for developing confidence in your children and realized them your sacrifices for developing his/her personality.

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