9 Ways for Caring Your Contact Lenses & Your Eyes!

Glasses changed looked, they made your eyes look awfully large especially if you had a higher number, No matter how bad you were in studies! But everything changed when contact lenses were introduced; you had proper vision and still looked good! These lenses were not only used for corrective purposes but for also use for style as well. Now with colored lenses you can changed your look by changing your eye color.

But did you know that you can get eye infection if you don’t take care of your lenses well? There will also be many other eye complications that can result from improper caring for the contact lenses.

You should know this. Here are some common complaints after using lenses:

  • Many lens users experience eye irritation after using the lens as they blink less often thus drying the eyes out, you need to use lubricating eye drops to stop this.
  • Some of the users also experience eye allergy caused due to the chemicals in the disinfecting solution, you need to switch your solution upon the advice of your optician to take care of it.

Types of lens:

Soft lenses: These as the name suggests are softer and more flexible, these take the Types of Contact lensesshape of your eyes hence they are more comfortable to wear. These are excellent for those with active lifestyle or for those who indulge in sports. These are of three types-

1 – Soft single wear- You are made for one day use only and you need to discard them after use. These don’t need  to disinfect these with multipurpose solutions.

2- Daily wear lenses- These are made to last a month and are slightly stiffer than the extended wear lenses. You need to remove them every night and sanitize them before wearing them again in the morning.

3- Extended wear lenses- These lenses are made for extended use as they allow oxygen to reach the eye and can be worn for 7 days at a stretch. However doctors recommend removing the lenses at night to avoid infection.

Glass permeable lenses: These allow oxygen to reach the cornea hence reduces the infections however they are stiffer hence not as flexible as soft lenses. Glass permeable lenses are also easy to care for and last longer.

Hybrid contact lenses: These have a glass permeable centre and soft lenses on the surrounding area, thus bringing the benefits of both.

How you should Take care Contact Lenses

How you should Take care Contact LensesCarefully remove your lenses and clean them with the multipurpose solution recommended by your optician or ophthalmologist.

  1. All lens come with a recommended duration of use, if you try to extend the term it can have severed harmful effects on the eye.
  2. It is generally recommended that you don’t sleep with your lens because the eyes are deprived of oxygen and it even increases the risk of infection by 4 times. Thus it is recommended to take off your lens before sleeping.
  3. Once you have kept your lens in the solution, it needs to be discarded to avoid contamination. Also do not use a solution which is discolored or use it after the expiry date.
  4. If you experience red eyes, swelling, tears, remove the lens and observe for signs of damage or tear to the lens. If you do notice any tear, you have to discard the lens. If there isn’t any visible sign of damage, keep the lens in the multipurpose solution for some time and wear them again, if you still experience discomfort, remove the lenses and contact your eye doctor. Don’t continue to wear the lenses if you feel any discomfort.
  5. Clean and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them. Clean your hands when you are removing the lenses and do not use your nails to pick the lens.
  6. When applying make-up, apply it after you have worn the lenses. Also do not wear make-up on the inner margins of the eyelid where it comes in contact with your lens.
  7. Do not choose for decorative colored lenses as they are not tested or approved and can cause damage to your eye.
  8. Go for regular eye check-ups and have a schedule for discarding lenses so that you don’t overuse them.

So let’s see the world clearly by proper caring of your lenses.

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