Almonds as a Superfood have Nutritional Benefits in all Season!

Almond (Badam) is one of the most favorite dry fruit. It has a great nutritional volume to make your life healthy & active. It is native to the Middle East and South Asia especially Syria, Israel, Turkey and Pakistan from where it has extended to other divisions of the world. In Pakistan, AlmondBaluchistan is the most important producer of almonds. Pakistan produced almost 26,487 tones of almonds during 2008-2009 from an area of 11,002 hectares. However in Pakistan almonds also have to import from out of the country to meet the domestic demand. In Pakistan, almonds are used not only as an essential ingredient for Tibb-e-Unani therapies but it also has many traditional uses in household cuisines and the preparation of sweet dishes such as almond pudding, Almond drink, Carrot & Almond soup, Crispy almond Baked thigh, Badami Qurma, Badami Gosht, Badami Palao and many others at

There are lots of Health benefits of Almonds some of them are as under;

Good for brain:  the nutrition’s Almond helps in development of the brain. Almond contains high intellectual level and has been considered as a necessary food item for growing children. Many mothers give 2-3 pieces of water soaked almonds daily & also with milk to their children for the healthy and active Brain.

For Skin care: Almond is also a well-known ingredient for the benefits of skin care and thereforeAlmond a massage with almond oil is often suggested for new born babies. Almond milk is also added in some soap as almonds assist in improving the complexion of the skin.

Boosts energy:  The existence of manganese, copper and Riboflavin in almond helps in energy production.

Against diabetes: Almonds offers protection from diabetes by reducing the rise in sugar and insulin levels after meals.

Help to control blood-pressure: the presence of potassium in almond helps to regulates blood pressure.  It has a very low amount in sodium which also helps to control blood pressure.

It is also good for heart and helps to regulates cholesterol, prevention of cancer, weight loss.  So let’s enjoy such a highly nutritional & beneficial dry fruit (Almond) with various recipes from for healthy and active living.

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