Exclusive interview with Cooking Expert Zubaida Tariq!

Zubaida-TariqMrs Zubaida Tariq is one of the most well-known TV personalities who began her profession at later part of her career, but succeed to get massive achievements on both TV and fm stereo. She is an extraordinary individual combined with confidence and passion. Her food preparation skills no need any introduction and she is certainly the no 1 food preparation professionals in Pakistan.

Here is an Attractive Interview with Zubaida tariq

How did you start your career?
I started my career at the age of 50, this age when people retired but I started my career at such an advance age. However I started my career with Unilever’s Dalda Advisory service

What inspired you to start the job of a radio jockey?
I think the best medium to express oneself wholly and unconsciously is Radio and it’s also the best institute to learn how to use your voice according to the situation!

What is your favorite fm Radio station?
Off course Apna Karachi 107 because tradition and respects are still live over there.

How do you hold the attention of your listeners while doing ur show?
Attention…its Natural

Do you enjoy the element of music beats while draying?
Yes I do..if the song good!

Do you do some voice exercises or is it purely instinctive?
time nahi milta for doing any voice exercise.. magar Allah ka karam hai key ghar ki tarbiyat aysi hai key baat karney ka saleeqa ata hai!

Who are the most significant people in your life?
Meri aulad, unkey bachey aur merey miyan. jaab maa baap hotey hain tou who zahir hai magar abb who dono nahi hain. And my brother and sister also.

Your all time favorite song?images.ashx
Lata ka gana “chanda rey”

Which living person you admire the most?
Meri bahu..

Your best friend in life?
My Child hood friend Salma is one and only best friend

Three things u never forget to take with u while going out?
Purse, wallet, mobile..chasma hamesha bhool jati hoon.

If you have to describe yourself in one word ,what that it be?
Achi insaan.

Which TV shows you enjoy watching?
Koi acha Drama ho tou dekh leti hoon. wesay koi nahi!

The best compliment you have ever received?
Mujeh hamesha compliments merey kaproon aur chooriyon par mila aur totkay per tou apko pata hi hai!

Define Ur self in THREE words
Main umar key us stage per hoon jahan main “aik achi Housewife” kehlwana pasand karoon gi aur loog kehety bhi hain. Allah ka karam or ek achi housewife who hoti hai jo rishtoon ka ehtraam kartey huye ghar chalati hai!

Do you believe in ideal?

Your education?
1st yr main atey hi shadi hoagyee thi..(hastey huye,, hahahah )

When you meets someone for the first time which thing u observe the most?
Baat cheet kerney ka tareeka

What is your strongest point and weakest point?
Strong point ye hai key main kisi se maroob nahi hoti aur weak point ye hai key main sensitive buhat hoon jo ajj key duar main nahi hona chaiyee

What are the plans you have in mind for future?
Wesay tou zehan main buaht kuch hai magar professional thinking nahi hai isliyee bata nahi sakti jo kaam milta hai karleti hoon!

What is your greatest fear?
Mere khuaff apney Mashray key liye hai. woh kis taraf jaraha hai..hamari tehzeeb khatam hoti jarahee hai or hum buhat hi ziyada westernized hotey jarahey haih!

Your Favorite smell?
Chameli key phool ki khushoo.

Your fav meal?
Khatti daal chawal aur qeema!

Any message for your fans and listeners?
Sirf aik msg hai..jo bhi kaam kareen jis filed main bhi jayeen achi niyat se kareen,emaandari se kareen aur mazboot qadam raheen..Allah zaroor qamyaab karey ga!

Now rapid fires:
Iman or vaneeza?
Vaneeze se main mil hiue euar emaan se mulaqat nahi hai..magar Vaneeza bauht achi bachi hai!
Shan or moammar rana?
Ptv or star plus?
Lata jee or asha jee?
Lata key bauht se ganey buaht achey hai magar Asha versatile hain!
Atif Or Strings

Note: This interview was taken by mag4you.com

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