Tips For Avoiding Dehydration During Summer!

Summer means the sun turns high with heat waves and high temperature. Your body starts sweating more with the increasing temperature; Sweating can be effective and can dehydrationcause a loss of water from the body! The heat waves and hot air can do more damage with dehydration; urination may help clean your stomach but may also leave you with a little water in your body. Plus those who workout or have a exercising tasks throughout their day remain with very less water in the body for what is needed for a healthy body

Steps for Avoiding Dehydration:
Hydrating yourself this summer is going to be really easy, especially if you know the basics of hydrating yourself! Following is a list of things that will help you stay hydrated and healthy this summer,

Drink Water -
heat-stroke Drinking water keeps your body hydrated. Hot summers in Pakistan make our bodies sweat a lot to regulate the core temperature, this leads to loss of water from the body. Water is also lost by means of urine from our bodies; according to proven research we must drink water enough to produce about 1.5 liters of urine in a day.

To replenish this lost water, an adult should drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Our kidneys can process up to 15 liters of water every day, however experts recommend drinking up to 4 liters a day during summer’s to battle the heat and replenish the water lost through excessive sweating!

Eat Fruits!
Fruits with their high water content are the best way to avoid being dehydrated this summer! Fruits such as Watermelon and cucumber are excellent to beat the thirst, when eating-watermelonyou’re not in the mood to drink the tasteless water.

Believe or not but the big, heavy and delicious watermelon is made up of 92% water and 6% simple sugars found in every fruit! Other varieties of the melon are also high in water content, making them an ideal summer snack. Similarly cucumber is made up of 95% water and can easily fit in your bag! Regularly munching on such fruits will keep you from hydrated and healthy in summer.

Eat food with high water content-
Come summer and you should stick to homemade food to avoid dehydration. Why? high water content foodsBecause, more than 30% of the water required by our body is present in the foods that we eat! Eating soups, Tofu, Eggs and Sprouts along with vegetables such as spinach, cabbage (red and green), tomato, eggplant, cauliflower adds water to our diet. Similarly most of the dairy products and meat products such as chicken, beef, fish along with cooked grains are high in water content and if included in our daily diet can provide us with enough water to avoid dehydration this summer!

Coconuts and Electrolytes- Coconut water is great for re-hydrating in case you feel coconutdehydrated during the day. Coconut water is isotonic in nature, meaning it helps regain the minerals and fluids that your body’s lost due to sweating and urine; moreover its electrolytic balance is the same as your bloods which makes it easier to be absorbed by your body. Electrolytes are minerals found in our bodies in the form of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, they are important for keeping our body hydrated.

What to wear:
Summer calls for cotton clothes to be worn by you! Cotton lets your skin breathe and you perspire less which directly means that you have a less chance of dehydration this summer! Wearing floppy hats will also protect your face and head from the harsh rays of the sun.

So what are you waiting for? Be an active to perform your duties effectively in all summer days.

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