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Top 5 Desserts Recipe | Khushiyon Ki Khas Soghat !

During people are busy to meet their and relatives and friends and share the happiness of Eid  with delicious dessert to make it more valuable specially women are also busy for preparing different  kinds of sweet delicacies for Eid Al Fitr. In fact after 30 days of fasting, everyone is rewarded with goodies By Allah, some of which we wait for all year as they are especially made for Eid celebrations.

Lets here come know some scrumptious taste of dessert Recipes.

1- Black Forest Cakeblackforest Cake sliderA Black Forest Cake is a delicious combination of chocolate cake with a layer of whipped cream that makes it impressive.

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Eid Ke Khusian Riwaiti Mithaion Ke Sath !

Sweet (Mithai) is the traditional dish for celebrating the happiness. In Pakistan there are various type of sweets which derived from different cultures, Like Ghulab Jaman it is one of the most famous and delicious traditional sweet dish of Pakistan. Currently there is a list of sweet dishes recipes which are very much popular all around the Pakistan such as Burfi, Rasgulla, Cham Cham, Ladu, jalebi, Gajjar Halwa, Akhrot Halwa, Sohan Halwa, jalebi recipe, etc that come from different societies or cultures.mithaian

Kulfi Banane ke 10 Asan Steps !

Kulfi brings an instant relief during the summers. This is an innovative way of making your kids eat nuts, by adding them in the delicious kulfi. It’s very similar to the traditional ice-cream having the same taste and creamy texture but is ridiculously simple to make. Let’s try these easy steps to make Kufli at home.banner5 Continue reading

Eggless Vanilla Cake!

Eggless vanilla cake is very quick prepared and scrumptious taste of food, and it is great for all who love have a smooth thick creamy bite.

For the preparation of this recipe you will need following things that I have listed below

  • All purpose flour (MAIDA) – 3/4 cup.
  • Unsalted butter – 1/4 cup (4 tablespoon).
  • Baking Soda – 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Baking Powder – 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Vanilla Essence – 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Fresh milk – 1/2 cup (and a little bit more).
  • Soda Water – 1/2 cup.
  • Cake Tin.

So… let’s start Now

Step 1:Eggless vanilla Cake 1Pre heat your oven at 350 F. Now you need to keep all the ingredients ready for the cake baking and we will start doing this in this following way -
Mix Flour, Baking Powder and Baking Soda together

Step 2:Eggless vanilla Cake 2Soften your unsalted butter and mix it thoroughly with the Fresh milk.

Step 3:Eggless vanilla Cake 3
Whisk Fresh milk and butter together till you get a smooth paste.

Step 4:Eggless vanilla Cake 4Keep beating, until it become very smooth.

Step 5:Eggless vanilla Cake 5Add 1/2 of the Flour and 1/2 of the Soda water into it. Then add the remaining flour and the soda water and blend well till it become fine smooth paste.

Step 6:Eggless vanilla Cake 6Whisk very fine until it become very smooth. Add the Vanilla Essence.

Step 7:Eggless vanilla Cake 7

  1. Put this batter in a cake pan.
  2. Bake the cake in 350 F for about 30 – 40 minutes.

Step 8:Eggless vanilla Cake 8AND FINALLY Egg less Vanilla Cake ready.
Cut it… Have it… AND ENJOY IT.

Top 5 Cake Recipe !

Cake is a perfect dessert to celebrate the happy moments of your life, occasions…etc so why not chose the perfect one that is scrumptious and most favorite of all occasion. Here we are with wide range of cake recipe that are specially brought to you from the desk of experts however among all of them here we select some of those recipes that like most for any special event.


So here are top 5 Cake recipe to make your event remarkable.

Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe:
This recipe is fantastic! So simple and yet so delicious. Dark chocolate contains substances that can improve health in many ways such as risk of heart disease and improves brain function so try this easy homemade recipe.

Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe

Black Forest Cake :
This is an easy and delicious version of an old favorite. It seems like a lot of steps but none of them are difficult, it just takes time so try this scrumptious Black Forest Cake Recipe and give your views.Black Forest Cake

Chocolate Cake Recipe With Oven :
Stove or No-Oven Bake Chocolate Cake is really healthy and scrumptious sweet cooking recipe. It is very easy to prepare and gives you best taste without Oven.Chocolate Cake Recipe With Oven

Double Chocolate & Raspberry Cake Recipe :
Double Chocolate & Raspberry Cake has a delicious taste. You many enjoy it at any happy occasions or moments to make remarkable.Double Chocolate & Raspberry Cake

Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe:
Egg less vanilla cake is very fast prepared food, and is great specially for all vegetarians who love have a smooth thick creamy bite.Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe

So try these Recipe and Give your Views.

Lal’s Patisserie The House of Chocolates Open Another Door!!

Karachi, November 1st, 2012: After the success of three chocolate boutiques in Karachi and Lahore, the chocolatier extraordinaire, Lal Majid spreads the luxuriousness of all things chocolate from an intimate chocolate shop in prestigious Zamzama to a flagship multi story Patisserie on Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, opening on Thursday, 1st November, 2012.

Bedazzled by her favorite childhood story book, “Hansel and Gretel”, Lal Majid dreamt of her own house of chocolates oneday. Her dream soon transformed into a reality when she started her own luxury chocolate company, Lals.

Determined to lead a confectionary renaissance, inspiring chocolate artisans and pastry aficionados, Lal’s creates handmade edible masterpieces made with the finest ingredients.

“We believe that passion is what makes an artist; it¹s the difference between those who settle for ‘good” and those who can’t stop at anything less than ‘great’.”

“Lals patisserie, offers its customers an array of sweet and savory concepts to choose from. This intimate patisserie serves customers premium Italian style gelato made fresh daily as well as blended frappes. The coffee bar serves a wide range of hot and iced coffees made from Lavazza’s 100% Arabica beans. Aside from the wide range of chocolates normally on display, this patisserie will have a wide selection of home made fresh pastries such as eclairs, chewy cookies, assorted cupcakes, Recipe of brownies and other decadent delights. All made upstairs in our kitchen under Lal Majid’s personal supervision.

The most exciting part of this flagship patisserie is the Make Your Own Chocolate Bar concept. Here you can choose from milk, white or dark chocolate and combine either of those with numerous toppings to have a customized chocolate bar made just for you! In the coming months we will be adding to our menu scrumptious sandwiches, pastas and other savory delights. “

EVENT: Madiha Majid who is the daughter of lal Majid helps the business to run ahead. She is also a magnum brand council member and will be present wirth brand council at the launch ceremony

Apart from delicious tasting and live jazz music Lals offers the guest to have an extraordinary experience of making their own chocolates with help of an expert.

Surrounded with magnificent chocolate girls, this event will be

attended by socialites and celebrities.

An easy Way to Make a Rainbow Cake!

Rainbow cake is a colorful treat to serve on various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. The various layers of this delicious cake automatically grab the attention of your guests. Making a rainbow cake is no doubt a laborious process as compared to general cake but the taste and color it provides you at the end deserves a little extra effort. Once you cut the cake, the color full layers of this delicious cake gives you a real feeling of a colorful rainbow right in front of you.

Once you make rainbow cake, you can frost it and decorate it, if you want. Otherwise the colorful layers of the cake do not required any specific decoration.

Now if you like rainbow cake and want to make it a home just go through the simple steps given below:

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes, excluding the refrigeration period

Serving Size: 8 to 10

Utensils Needed: Baking tins, baking sheet, baking paper, five medium mixing bowls, large whisk, large spoon, wire cooling rack, palette knife, revolving cake plate, refrigerator, oven, gloves


- 500g butter – softened

- 500g caster sugar

- 10 eggs, large -

500g self-rising flour -

Gel color pastes – easily available online and in your nearest bakeries

Filling / Frosting

- 70g butter – softened

- 200g cream cheese

- 400g icing sugar – sifted

20 Steps For How to Make a Rainbow Cake

Step 1: Pick four baking tins and line them with a fine quality baking paper. Set them aside and pre heat your oven at 160 degree centigrade (C°). Note: The shape of your rainbow cake depends on the shape of your baking tins. For example, you can use rectangle, square or circle tins to get the desired shape.


Step 2: Now, grab a large mixing bowl and place 500 grams of butter and 500 grams of sugar in it. Take a large whisk and mix together both of the ingredients until mix well and smooth.




Step 3: Crack in one egg at a time and a spoonful of self-rising flour along with it. Continue until you cracked in all of the 10 eggs. Once the egg and flour incorporated well add in the remaining flour and blend them for another few minutes with the help of a large whisk or spoon. Continue mixing until forms a batter. Note: Make sure just to mix the ingredients and do not beat it as it can form large air bubbles which will automatically forms pockets in the baked rainbow cake.

Step 4: Take 5 medium mixing bowls of same size and equally divide the cake batter among them.




Step 5: Pour some red gel paste color into the first mixing bowl and set it aside for the time being. Add some yellow gel paste color into the second bowl, blue into the third mixing bowl, green into the fourth bowl and orange into the fifth mixing bowl. Set all bowls aside for some time and move on.



Step 6: Pick the first mixing bowl with red gel paste color and blend it again for few seconds. Place it in the lined cake tin and spread it all over the base.




Step 7: Repeat the above procedure with the yellow, blue, green, and orange gel paste color into the remaining four line baking tins.

Step 8: Place the baking tins in the pre-heat oven and bake kit for 15 to 20 seconds until soft and spinky to touch. Note: Make sure to wear thick gloves during the baking of the rain bow cake in order to protect your hands from heat.




Step 9: Remove the baking tins from oven and set them aside at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes until cool enough to handle.

Step 10: Now, lift out the cake layers carefully and place them on a wire coolingrack. Wait until they cool well.




Step 11: Meanwhile, prepare the rain bow cake frosting. Add 70 gram butter to medium or large mixing bowl and beat it until soft and smooth. Add in cream cheese and mix for another few seconds until both ingredients merge into one another and form a smooth mixture.



Step 12: Pour in 400 gram sifted icing sugar and mix it with the butter-cheese mixture until smooth and forms a batter. Now, if the batter is runny, then place it in refrigerator for few minutes until thick.



Step 13: Until then, remove the layers of cake from cooling rack, and place them on a revolving cake stand. Pick a serrated break knife and give a desired shape to the first layer of your rain bow cake. Use the same knife and smooth the surface of the layer of the cake as well.

Step 14: Place few spoon full of frosting at the top of the surface of the first layer and spread it with the help of a knife.




Step 15: Now, stack the second layer on the top of the first one. Place some frosting on the top of the second layer of cake and spread it and evenly all over the surface. Repeat this method until you stack together the remaining three layers of the cake.


Step 16: Place the staked rainbow cake in refrigerator for few hours until cool. Proper cooling will help at the time of cutting the rainbow cake into slices as the cuttings will not rip and you will get perfect cake slices.

Step 17: Pick a large sharp knife and trim the uneven sides of the rain bow cake to give it a perfect shape.




Step 18: Place some frosting at the top of the staked cake and spread it all over the surface with a palette knife.




Step 19: Apply the frosting to the sides of the cake as well. Apply the frosting until every inch of the cake is well covered, smoothing the edges as well. In case if you are yet not clear about applying the frosting, then learn stepwise how to frost a cake. Place the frosted rainbow cake in your refrigerator for couple of hours to chill and firm to touch.

Step 20: Once your rainbow is chilled well, remove it from refrigerator and decorate it if you want or serve it as it is. You can give an Ombre Petal Cake touch to your rainbow cake. has wide range of delicious Cake recipes that make your each day remarkable!

Cool and Refreshing Dessert for Warm Summer Evening!

On warm summer evenings, No one wanted to spend time for cooking up desserts for dinner parties, birthday parties etc. Moreover, summers tire us more and you really don’t want to do any strenuous cooking. Most of us love eating sweet pastries and desserts and other banana recipe especially for their children. So for your help here is a delicious banana split cake recipe that you can prepare in a very short time and enjoy with everybody.
BananaSplit Recipe
What you will need:
• Vanilla ice cream 1 scoop
• Chocolate ice cream 1 scoop
• Strawberry ice cream 1 scoop
• Banana 1 cut length wise into 2
• Chocolate sauce as required
• Nuts as required
• Whipped cream as required
• Cherries for decoration
• Wafer biscuit 2
For Chocolate Sauce:
• Water ½ cup
• Sugar 4 tbsp
• Coco powder 2 tbsp
1. In a small oval plate, put scoop of each ice cream.
2. Then banana slices on the sides.
3. Top the ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts.
4. Decorate with whipped cream, cherry and wafer biscuits.
5. Method for Chocolate Sauce: Cook sugar and water in a pan for 5 minutes.
6. Add in it coco powder.
7. Mix it paste ¼ cup water and whisk well.
8. Cook for 2 minutes till sauce thickens, remove cool and use. has wide range of mouth-watering, Cool and Refreshing Dessert for summer. So lets visit now and enjoy your favorite deserts at your home now.