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3 Simple Ways of Kid’s Skin Safeguard Against Cold !

It’s the time of that season when your child’s skin is more prone to dryness just because of lack of humidity however here are simple ways to make sure your child’s skin remains smooth during the cold season.


It is necessary to moisturize your kid’s hands at least twice a day. Use fragrance-free gentle hand cleansers to prevent irritation, Not use too thick or greasy and keep to use just after every washing his/her hands.

Use lukewarm water for bath:
Exposure to hot water can rob your child’s skin of natural moisture. So, use lukewarm water when 53197684c01921dd_INTRObathing your kid. Gently give bath to dry skin or dirty area of your child skin and after-bath moisturize you kids to protect their soft skin. Always remember that it is better to apply a moisturizer while your child’s skin is still a little wet to help trap in some moisture.

Remain Hydrated:
Make sure your kid gets enough water to drink through the day. Infants should be nursed at regular intervals. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your kid’s diet too. Making your kid have hot soup before a meal is a healthy way to provide nutrition.

So follow the above instruction and to keep your child skin smooth.

Winter Best Skin Care Tips !

As we are entered into the winter months and our skin begins to dry out due to the drop in temperature and we are also going to change our wardrobe, it is equally important to change our routine, skincare Cream, foods…etc. This season is also feels like a beauty vampires–biting winds, steamy showers, dipping temps and drying indoor heat–can suck the life right out of your skin and hair. happily, we have some easy advice for soothing your thirstiest parts, from scalp to soles.


1- Use a humidifier in Your Home and Office:
The harsh, cold winter winds strip the air of much needed moisture, leaving you with dry skin. A humidifier helps put that moisture back into the air, so consider running one continuously throughout the day.

2- Take Shorter, Cooler Showers :
A hot shower might feel good on a cold winter day, but the hot temperatures strip away moisture. Fix dry skin by reducing the water temperature as much as you can stand and limit your showers to 10 minutes or less.

3- Limit Your Soap Use :
The harsh ingredients in soap can quickly dry your skin, so only using soap on the “dirty” areas of the body. “Water alone is usually enough to cleanse the skin of the arms and legs without risking the drying effects of soap.

4- Apply Lotion Right After Your Shower :
Quickly pat dry your skin after a shower and apply a thick moisturizing cream or ointment while your skin is still wet. The cream adds a barrier on your dry skin, essentially “locking in” moisture. So ask your Skin Dr that which lotion you need to use in this winter season.


5- Don’t Avoid Use Sunscreen Cream:
If you spend time outside in the winter, protect your skin from weather extremes. Apply a high-SPF sunscreen several times each day to help avoid painful sunburns and skin damage.

6- Don’t Forget the Lip Balm :Drinking-Water
Don’t forget the medicated lip balm. Find a high-quality lip balm that heals and moisturizers and apply it liberally each day to avoid cracked lips.

7- Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:
Hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking plenty of water at least six glasses a day, though you can get your fill with juice as well. Try to avoid caffeine as much as possible, it’s a diuretic that flushes water out of your body, leaving you dehydrated and your skin dry.

10 Richest Personalities of Pakistan !

Many times you may be heard about richest persons of the world, but do you know about the richest personality of Pakistan. Many of Pakistanis think that asif zardari is a Pakistan richest personality but this is not true so below is the detail of 10 richest people of Pakistan according to a research based study.

        1 – The richest person in Pakistan at the top of the List is MIAN MANSHA, who is the managing director of MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank) besides 40 other big companies. The total value of his assets is approximately 2.5 billion dollars. However he is said to be a simple and humble person.

image 1

        2 – At number two falls the name of Ex-President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, whose most of the assets are out of country. The total value of his assets is round about 1.8 billion dollars. He is said to be the owner of many sugar and textile mills in Pakistan.

asif ali zardari

        3 – The name of Sir Anwar Pervez is at number three who is said to be holding assets of 1.5 billion dollars. He is the chairman of Bestway Group besides more than 50 Cash and Carry establishments in Pakistan.

sir anwar pervaiz

        4 – The Name of Mian Nawaz Sharif is at number 4, who is said to have assets of more than 1.4 billion dollars including many mills and assets abroad.

nawaz sharif

        5 – Sadarud Din Hashwani is said to have assets of 1.1 billion dollars and falls at number 5 in Pakistan. He is the owner of many hotel chains, insurance companies, minerals companies, batteries companies, construction, engineering and IT based companies.

Sadarud Din Hashwani

        6 – Mr. NasirShon and his family have been put on number 6 and is said to have assets of more than 1 billion dollars. He is the head of Shon Group.

Mr. NasirShon

        7 – Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob, the owner of ARY group of companies is said to have the assets of more than 1 billion dollars equal to the Shon Group.

Abdul RazzaqYaqoob

        8 – The eighth richest person in Pakistan is Rafique Habib and Rasheed Habib who according to an estimate own the assets of more than 72 Crores. They have more than 100 companies in the world. They have also given a loan to Pakistani government of the value of 8 crores in 1948.

Rafique Habib and Rasheed Habib

        9 – Mr. Farooqi who is a big business figure of the province of Sindh and also ex-minister. He is said to have assets of more than 40 crores.

Mr. Farooqi

      10 – The number 10th is not yet occupied but there are many business tycoons who can be put on this number including owners of many private banks, mills and group of companies.

Top 5 Mazaydar Chops Recipes!

Chops Recipes – Without Chops recipes Eid ul Azha feels like incomplete. Many of us love chop recipes and especially on Bakra eid days people make arrangements for Bar B.Q parties with their friends and families and considered to be the perfect way to celebrate Eid. Enjoyment rises up to the sky when you are with your family and loved ones on this special occasion and enjoying yummy foods. Usually Pakistanis are BBQ & Chops Lovers and eid is a special event for all to enjoy different foods parties.


Here are top 5 Mazaydar Chops Recipes with a blend of traditional and western ingredients that you can try on this Eid ul Adha and can make your occasion a bit more special and enjoyable.

Mutton Chops :
Mutton chops are going to give you unforgettable moments that no other can do. Try it and then believe. Make delicious chops with goat ribs and realize the taste of mutton at its best. offers a marvelous recipe for mutton chops.


Make it and tells us how was it?


Masala-e-Dar Chops :
Masala-e-Dar Chops Recipe is really yummy and little bit taste of food for this recipe you will need imagesyogurt, Spices, tomato, Onion, mint and Chop…etc especially green chili gives it good aroma and taste.

Recipe for Masala Dar Chops

Barbecue Foil Chops :
Barbecue Foil Chops Recipe in Urdu is really healthy and yummy traditional cooking recipe. It is very easy to prepare and gives you most scrumptious taste of Barbecue Chops.

Recipe for Barbecue Foil Chops

Lebnani Chop :
Lebnani chops make without using any spices that is the specialty of this recipe. There is the two main ingredients for this recipe are butter and cheese that really gives, unique taste among the other ordinary chops recipes.TandooriLambChops

Bihari Chops :
Bihari chops is the most loving and famous recipe in Pakistan and India. Although all bihari recipes have their own specialty and very famous like bihari kabab and others so why not try bihari chops recipe in this eid ul adha.

Recipe for Bihari Chops

Tandoori Chop :
There no need to say anything about tandoori recipe because all food lovers know that Tandoori recipes are very fine in taste. So try this Special Tandoori chops recipe and make your eid day special.

Here is the recipe:

Hunter Beef Ghar per Banaye !

Hunter beef is one of most special recipe for Bakra Eid. As you Know that Meat recipe is booming on all cooking shows, Magazines…etc to guide you all the wonderful meaty recipe to make your Eid-ul-Adha extra special.

So here you can learn how to make deliciously tender Hunter Beef to make this event remarkable.

hunter beef

Note: This Hunter Beef Recipe is Specially Brought to you from the desk of Pakistan Famous “Chef Gulzar”

• Salt Lahori, to taste
• Vinegar White 1 cuphunter-1
• Lemon Juice 1/4 cup
• Garlic 10 Cloves
• Crushed Black Pepper 2 tsp
• Beef 2kg (whole piece of undercut)
• Butter 3 tbsp

* Make small holes in beef with a small knife and put a garlic clove in each hole.
* Put vinegar, lahori salt, black pepper and lemon juice in a bowl, mix well.
* Apply this mixture on beef and cover with plastic sheet.
* Leave it to marinate overnight.
* Steam it in the steamer for 30 minutes and then apply butter and bake in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes.
* Delicious Hunter beef is ready to be served, enjoy.

So try this yummy and easy homemade Recipe and give your Comments.

Bakra Eid Recipes of Chef Zakir, Chef Gulzar & Zubaida Appa!


Bakra Eid or Eid al-Adha is commonly known as the festival of sacrifice. It is celebrated at 10th of Zil hajj in all over the world that is usually come after the performing of Hajj that performed in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.  During three days of eid Muslims sacrifices their animal through proper slaughtering. However after the slaughtering the feasting and partying are the main attractions of the day.

In Pakistan there are many experts Chef who makes this event most remarkable and delicious through their expert cooking tips and scrumptious Beef, Mutton and Lamb recipes. Here you can get the Pakistan top chef recipes especially for bakra eid like Chef Gulzar, Chef Zakir and Zubaida Tariq that will definitely help you for preparing some appetizing and luxurious dishes to prepare on Bakra Eid.

These easy and simple dishes can make your festive atmosphere even more special.

Kaleji Recipes
kaleji is a North Indian damp curry stir-fry delicacy. The Kaleji Recipe can be made with with Mutton, image1calf, lamb, chicken or buffalo liver also. Follow the instructions given below for making mutton liver (kaleji).

Bheja Fry
Bheja fry or brain masala is one popular and mouth-watering dish cooked on Bakra Eid. After the slaughtering of animal peoples love to eat brain of the animal that is commonly known as Bheja fry.

Shami Kebab
Shami kebabs are burger like patties that can be served as a starter or snack. Though the recipe looks complicated, it is pretty simple to make. Enjoy their delicate and special flavor!shami-kebab

Mutton Biryani
This is one of the most popular recipe that is most often cooked on special occasions is the mutton biryani. Not only tasty and yummy, it leaves the guests and other acquaintances licking their fingers.

Lamb Korma
Korma is a mild, creamy curry prepared by marinating the main ingredient in yogurt, spices, nuts and others. Cooked in its own marinade along with other gravy contents, it makes an appetizing and succulent dish, simply right for the festive season. Here, we have provided you with preparing lamb korma on this occasion of Bakra shahi-mutton-kormaEid.

Balti Gosht
Delicious, mouth-watering and succulent, balti gosht or pot roasted meat, undoubtedly, makes one of the most popular choices for main course dish on Bakra Eid. It is cooked and served in a balti or karahi.

Kadhai Gosht
For those looking for a spicy and flavorful delicacy, kadhai gosht is just the right one for you. It is a meat preparation marinated in a thick curry paste and fried to get a thick, dry-like savory. A perfect dish for a special occasion, especially Bakra Eid!

For More Recipes of Chefs: Chef Gulzar Recipes | Chef Zakir Recipes | Zubaida Appa Recipes

Eid-Ul- Adha – Qurbani key Khubsurat Janwar 2013!

With the approaching of Eid-ul-Adha the rush of people is increasing day by day in the cattle markets so the number of animals is also increasing for full fill the demand in all cattle market in Pakistan.  The people living in the city and the suburban areas are coming in the animals markets to select the animals and buy for the holy cause. The animals are decorated with beautiful buntings and are made clean to attract the attention of the people.

Here are some beautiful Eid-ul-adha Cow that attractive.

image 1image 2 image 3image 4 image 5

image 6 image 7image 8 image 9image 10 image 11 image 12 image 13 image 14 iamge 15 image 16 image 17 image 18 image 19 image 20 image 21

Bakra Eid ke 5 Mazaidar Kabab Recipes

Kebab Recipes – Kebab is one of the easiest and most versatile taste full grilled or fried dish. kebabs are the favorite family-friendly dinner and now a days it has been an ideal dish to make any occasion most remarkable specially during bakra eid or eid ul adha every one are making some different sort of Reshmi Kabab with friends and family gathering. So here we are with 5 best kebab recipes which we think that you should try on this eid ul adha occasion.


Seekh Kababs:
Kebabs made from minced mutton and chicken meat. Full of flavor, these kebabs are perfect as a starter for a dinner party.bbq kebab.jpg

Chapli Kabab :
Chapli kabab recipe is one of the popular kebabs of Pakistan. It is made up of minced meat along with tomatoes, masala and it can be grilled or pan fried.

Bihari Kabab :
Bihari kabab / grill is one of the most popular dishes in Pakistan and north India, especially when its Eid time. Bihari kababs are spicy, juicy and tender BBQ item.

Dum kay kebab :Vegetable-Kebab
Dum kay kebab are exceptionally scrumptious Hyderabadi kebabs prepared with meat pieces rather than meat mince. Raw papaya wonderfully tenderizes the meat while coal smoke gives it an exceptional flavor.

Shami kebab :
Shami kebab, or shami tikka, is a popular Afghan and Indian variety of kebab, also found in Pakistani cuisine. Traditionally shami kebabs are made using spices minced meat.

Bakra Qurban or Zibh Ka Tarika According to Islam!

According to the Islamic Law (Shariah) unless the Halal (Lawful) animals are slaughtered ritually, their meat does not become Halal for Muslims. The method of slaughtering, in Islam is based on certain clear guidelines found in the Holy Quran. The Sunnah and the traditions practiced by the Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet), which may be summarized as follows.


1. All animals to be slaughtered must be the ones permitted for consumption under the Islamic law e.g. cow, sheep, lamb, poultry etc.

2. Slaughtering must be performed manually by a mature Muslim who fully understands the fundamentals and conditions relating to slaughtering according to the Islamic Law.386993_319844141364722_154856171196854_1564221_1876281727_n-747585

3. At the time of slaughtering the name of Allah must be invoked by saying:
Bismillah – Allahu Akber
(I begin (the slaughtering) in the name of Allah – Allah is the Greatest)

4. If at the time of slaughtering the name or names of someone other than Allah is invoked, the meat becomes Haram (Unlawful).

5. If a Muslim, by mistake, forgets to invoke the name of Allah at the time of slaughtering, the meat will remain Halal.

6. If someone knowingly does not invoke the name of Allah at the time of slaughtering, the meat islamic-method-of-slaughteringbecomes Haram.

7. The animal should be slaughtered using a very sharp knife, penetrating the throat of the animal.

8. Windpipe, food-tract and two jugular veins should be cut, preferably in one stroke.

9. The blood of the slaughtered animal must be drained as completely as possible.

10. The neck of the animal should not be disjoined during slaughtering intentionally, even the knife should not go deep into the spinal marrow.

11. Slaughtering from the back of the neck is not allowed in Islam.

12. Animals must be slaughtered in a human way, without subjecting to any brutality or unnecessary suffering.

Eid Ul Adha Dress Collection for Girls – 2013

Eid ul Adha is a pleased festival of sacrifice for the Muslim peoples. They celebrate this day with different activities and especially women / Girls celebrate this event with new trendy eid ul adha dress collection 2013 however every people on Eid wish to have new dresses. In these there are adding some new and extra ordinary latest eid ul adha dress collection specially for women or Girls 2013.
eid design
Here are some very beautiful and elegant new Eid collection Dresses. We hope that you will like all designs that are looking fabulous. You can wear these dresses not only on eid ul adha but also any other special occasion.

So let’s your make you Eid more attractive with these latest eid ul adha dress designs.