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Papeeta Amraz E Qalb Ka Azmooda Qudrati Tohfa

Papaya ( in Urdu is called Papita ) contains many remarkable health & beauty advantages, it’s the best source of vitamin C, vitamin E and Beta-carotene. There are too many reasons you should eat papayas such as it helps to boosts immunity (One papaya is providing more than 200% of daily requirement of Vitamins), great for your eyes, good for diabetics, protects against arthritis, helps ease menstrual pain, prevents signs of aging and more. Here at KFoods, providing you one of the best natural home remedies that are very beneficial for your health and beauty as well.
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Shugar sy Mehfooz Aur enko Control Kerny Wali Ghazain

Shugar sy Mehfooz Aur enko Control Kerny Wali Ghazain | Due to our bad eating habits and stress full life style diabetes is increasing at very alarming rate in Pakistan. People of all age groups also suffering from this dreadful disease even the kids are not safe. It is genetic in some cases but stress and fats are also the main cause of diabetes. Lets here come to find out those foods that helps to control diabetic.

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Hifzan-e-Hamal sy Pehly Mansoobapandi Karen

Hifzan-e-Hamal sy Pehly Mansoobapandi Karen | Pregnancy care consists of prenatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth) healthcare for expectant mothers. It involves treatments and trainings to ensure a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and birthing process for the mother and for her child. Let’s come to know some caring tips of Pregnancy.

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Kacha Aam, Sasta Bhi Aur Fawaid Bhi

Whenever anyone calls the “KERI”, our mind is blowing with “KERI Ka ACHAR”.  Do you know that Keri (raw mango) is good for health? In this summer season if you want to retain the salt in your body, then make some appetizing Keri recipes and eat it. It is also a good source of antioxidant and keep you looking cool in this hottest summer season. Here is some more benefits about keri in urdu.
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Lemon – Aap ki Sehat ka Muhafiz

Lemon – Aap ki Sehat ka Muhafiz. It is a famous, delicious, juicy and easily available fruit on low price. It is cultivated throughout the year, but in the summer season it is used more often like lemon juice recipe, lemon pickle recipes and others. The citrus of lemon have more benefits than others and lemon is one of the delicious among the citrus fruits. Lemon is a source of vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper. Lets here come to know some of lemon benefits in urdu.Lemon Apki Sehat Ka Mahafiz 1
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How To Make Fresh Orange Juice Without Juicer!

Oranges are rich in Vitamins C, A & B-complex vitamins (pyridoxine, thiamin, and folates), Magnesium, Vitamin_C_orangeCalcium, Antioxidants, Dietary fiber, Flavonoids (Hesperetin, naringin, and naringenin), Potassium etc. Orange also called as sweet lime which looks like lemon but bigger size and sweet. Orange juice helps to reduce throat infection and reduce white marks on skin if you take a glass per day. For Good health this kind of juices necessary in our day to day life and try to take at least twice in a weak.
So let’s here come to know that how can make fresh orange juice.
Things That you Need
• A cup
• A knife, or peeler
• A trash can (optional)
• A bowl
• A spoon
• An Orange or Two (Depending On How Much Juice You Want)
• Optional: Sugar or any Other Thing that you want for taste.
Step 1
1- Peel your orange over the trash can.
Step 2
2- Make the orange into slices.Step 3
3- Take all of your oranges over a bowl or cup.Step 4
4- Squeeze! The juice out of the oranges into the cup/bowl.Step 5
5- Pick out the seeds.Step 6
6- Pour into separate cups.Step 7
7- Finished.. Now It’s Ready to Serve

Take all of your oranges over a bowl or cup.