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Zubaida Aapa Before and Now – What’s Changed

Zubaida Aapa is the well known and favorite celebrity of all Pakistanis. She has been appearing in many TV programs in which she told totkay, recipes, tips and a lot more. Pakistani people have learned incalculable things from Zubaida Aapa and till date she is a learning source for Pakistani women. She was born in 1945 and today in the year 2015, she is 70 years old. Let’s put a view on her life in pictures; see how was ours Zubaida Aapa before and now.

Zubaida Tariq Old!

Zubaida Tariq Now!

Our most respectable Zubaida Aapa is growing older but still she is a valuable asset for Pakistani nation. We wish her to live healthy, strong and more than happy in her life!

Here is Chef profile of Zubaida Aapa

Chef Na Hoti To Singer Hoti, Chef Shai

Chef Shai is a great name in chef’s world. She is perfectly trained in fusion cooking that merges the techniques, flavors and presentation. She is also specialized in Italian, French, Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, American, Indian and Pakistani cooking. Yesterday, KFoods Team met with her and get some more details about her life style for all KFoods lovers.Chef-Shai_1 Continue reading