Chef Homaro Cantu

Chef Homaro Cantu Found Hanged in Crooked Fork Building

Homaro Cantu, famous Chicago Chef, who was better known for introducing new dining experiences, is being reported to commit suicide. Chef Cantu found hanged in a building where he was planning to open a brewery namely Crooked Fork later in 2015. According to the sources, Cantu has hanged himself to commit suicide. Police found his body on Tuesday (April 14, 2015) in the said building. He was 38 years old. His suicide took place within a month after he was sued by an investor in his Michelin-starred establishment.

Medical Examiner Office of The Cook County has confirmed that the death occurred due to suicidal hanging.

Homaro Cantu was not only a chef but an American inventor, entrepreneur and a food scientist. He ran Cantu Designs Firm and Moto Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. He had introduced some wonderful scientific techniques to create entirely unique dining experiences for customers at his restaurant. Those who know about Chef Cantu must know well about his wonderful recipes and food ideas he devised in his life. Before becoming a chef, he worked for an admired Chicago Chef Charlie Trotter.

Later he opened his own restaurant Moto in Chicago; the restaurant was famous for Cantu’s wonders he applied to his dishes. Cantu even made use of liquid nitrogen, helium and lasers to cook at Moto.

His wonderful experiments, services and trends he set in the field of culinary would always be remembered by chef’s community.

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