Cucumber a Perfect Source for Skin Care and preventing Diseases!

Usually a cucumber is use for salad in Pakistan it is also be use as a decorating of foods such as you can served chicken tikka roll with cucumber yogurt, chilled yogurt cucumber & mint soup and with many other cuisine for their good looking.  In Pakistan it comes form the Southeast cities of Pakistan where it grows easily but especially India has a number of genetic varieties of it. You can easily purchased cucumber from your nearest market, now it is available in average Rs.80/kg (29-Oct-2011) in Karachi.Cucumber for care

It is a very beneficial for the skin. It contains useful nutrient, including vitamin C, potassium silicon and sulfur. It also gives a cool refreshing feeling when applied externally on the skin. There are the following external uses of cucumber that can easily do by any one.

Such as..
Puffy eyes: The high water content in cucumber makes it colder our skin. This helps of reduce swelling and puffiness in the same way as cold compresses.

Sun burns: In case of sun burns. Topical application of cucumber gives a cool and calm effect. Its repeated use helps for reducing the heal scratch. Usually chilled cucumber slices are more effective.

Hair Loss: Silicon and sulphur present in cucumber are known to stop hair loss. These also promote new hair growth.

Cucumber is also a very beneficialCucumber juice for protecting you against diseases for example: It helps in kidney and urinary bladder disease; it also helps for preventing against Liver disease, the potassium in cucumber makes it highly useful for conditions of high and low blood pressure, it has the enzyme that helps to digest protein, it juices is very valuable for preventing diseases of teeth, its radish and bitter gourd are valuable in diabetes. So let’s make your recipe more effective by using cucumber and move away skin problem and diseases from your side in just Rs.80/=.

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