Dinosaur Eggs Found in China – Dinosaur Ke Andey – April 2015


Ye dunya ajeeb o ghareeb chezon se bhari pari hai. Roz hi hum koi na koi hairan kun cheez dekhte hain ya us ke baare mein sunte hain. Aj hum ap ko ek or hairan kun daryaft ke baare me bata rahe hain jo ke China ke sheher “Heyuan” mein pesh aai hai. Heyuan sheher mei kuch mazdoor kam kar rahe the ke khudai ke doran unko dinosaur ke 43 andey miley jin mein se 19 andey sabut hain jabke baqi andey tootey huwe paye gaye hain. Sub se barey andey ka qatar 7 inch se ziada hai.

Log amooman ye samajhte hain ke dinosaurs kay wajood ki koi haqiqat nahin, ye sirf banai gayi kahanian hain lekin is daryaft ko dekhne ke baad ye baat sabit hoti hai ke dinosaurs ka wajood afsana nahi balke haqiqat tha. 

Dinosaur Eggs ki pictures or video niche mulahiza karen (youtube):

Wonders are yet to come in this wondrous world. An interesting development transpired recently in China, when a team of construction workers found 43 eggs of dinosaurs. Yes, they discovered dinosaur eggs in APRIL 2015, the 21st century.

Dinosaur Fossilized Eggs

According to the details, a batch of construction employees was working in Guangdon (a province in Southern China), during digging at a site in Heyuan city, they observed some strange things. They were the eggs of dinosaurs; total 43 eggs in which 19 of them were unbroken. Diameter of the largest egg was 7+ inches.

Dinosaur Eggs in China Heyuan

Guangdong Dinosaur Eggs Fossils Found

History suggests that discovery of dinosaur eggs in or around the Heyuan city is not new. Thousands of dinosaur eggs have been discovered since 1990 from the area. Continual exploration of eggs of the antiquated animal has earned the city the name “Hometown of the Dinosaur in China“. The Museum of Heyuan city has won a Guinness World Record in 2004 for having more than 10,000 eggs of dinosaurs, which is the largest collection anywhere in the world. Eggs have been sent to laboratories for further analysis.

It’s interesting to see at least eggs of dinosaurs about which we have only read stories or seen in cartoon shows. Those who still deem the existence of dinosaurs as an unfactual myth would have to believe they existed.

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