Enjoy the Taste of winter with Some Top Special Foods!

The climatic is gradually moving its step to raise the coldness. However winter almost executes in the Pakistan, India, china etc. in Pakistan during the winter season colds and flu are common problem it is the season in which people wants to eat those foods that make them warm from inside so that they could be healthy and active. Karachifoods.com has wide range of special winter foods that will not just keep you warm during this cold season of year, but also it keeps you fit.

Some of the winter special Foods Recipes are as under.

Anjeer ka Halwa:  It is the recipe that is full of nutrition. It is a perfect during the anjeer ka hlawawinter season especially in the evening or in the morning. Infect Anjeer is rich in Vitamins A, B1 and B2, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and phosphorus. Where high calcium levels present in Anjeer promote bone health & high mucilage content in Anjeer (Figs) helps to heal and protect sore throats. So enjoy the special Anjeer Halwa

Fried Batairs or Quails RecipeFried Batairs or Quails: It is the special recipe for winter that makes you warm form inside. Fried Batair or Quail is very much delicious in taste as well.

Pamphlet Fish Fry Recipe: It is the Pamphlet Fish Fry Recipeexcellent source Protein and Omega 3. It is also discover that eating fish may also help to reduce the risk of dieses in winter. Pomfret Fish fry Recipe is very much delicious you may taste it with Rice & Bread or also enjoy without both.

Dry Almond Butter Cake: It is a recipe that prepared with a special dry fruit that Dry Almond Butter cakehas many special benefits. Dry Almond Butter Cake is one of the most beneficial cakes due to Almond because it helps to control blood-pressure, Boosts Energy, healthy skin and many more. Dry Almond Butter Cake is a very good in taste as well it is a very easy and quick recipe. You may enjoy it in a break fast or at evening with a cup of tea.

Carrot Coriander Soup It is a quick easy recipe of perfect and healthy soup that Carrot Coriander Souphas the delicious taste. The sweetness of the carrots tastes lovely with the warm spiciness of the coriander.  Eat this special soup with naan bread as a special treat.


Karachifoods has many others special winter foods that keep you warm healthy and active. So let’s enjoy the beauty with scrumptious taste of winter special recipe.

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