How can I keep my skin looking healthy all winter?

When winter comes, everything become dry; your hair, skin and even your heels. The natural oil is minimum that your skin produces during the dry & cold weather.
winter skin care tips
During winter the problems such as dullness, chapping, itchiness and flakiness etc. are very common. So it is very important to take proper care of your skin during this cold season.
It poses unique challenges to sustaining healthy skin. Constantly switching between indoor air and the harsh and cold winds of outdoor air removes moisture from the skin. While lotions and creams replace some of that moisture so it’s better to prevent the moisture loss in the first place. Because the dry skin cracked or irritated is vulnerable to infection & that’s the reason dermatologists say it’s essential to change your skin care routine along with the seasons in order to boost your body’s natural defences.
Here are some very important and useful tips for getting healthy skin during winter season

  • Use moisturizers lip balms and lipsticks.
  • Drinking lots of water keeps the skin moisturized and flushes the toxin out of your body.
  • Use a humidifier in the bedroom or living room once the relative humidity inside drops below 60 percent.
  • During cold weather don’t try to use hot water for bath because the hot water reduces the skin’s protective oils faster than warm or cold. Keep skin healthy by turning down the temperature.
  • During the winter season exercise is very important to promote the circulation of blood in your body. This helps keep skin healthy.
  • Extended wintry weather nights are mainly encouraging to sleep. Make the most of the long night and get satisfactory sleep skin cells’ ability to repair is best during rest.

Take these steps, and you will have smoother, softer skin that is moisturized and more sheltered against bad elements of the winter. And you will be preventing future wrinkles.

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