How to avoid 5 Most Common Teeth Problems!

How to avoid 5 Most Common Teeth Problems!Are you feeling that you have bad mouth odor?  Are you worried about tooth decay? Do you experience gum bleeds when you brush your teeth? And others
Then don’t worry Here we are with the solution that will help you for avoiding such these types of problem:

Oral cavity is the clearest part of a person so everyone from a common man to a media personality is very conscious about it. An attractive person is incomplete without their white, well- aligned teeth.

Be careful our little ignorance may lead to many dental diseases and teeth loss. Out of which ‘5’ dental problems are very common.

According to surveys and common questioning, there are 5 major and very common dental problems that faced every next person from a house keeper to celebrity and very much wants to get rid of. These problems are:

1: Halitosis (bad breath)
2: Tooth Decay
3: Mouth Soreness
4: Gum Diseases
5: Tooth Sensitivity

Wait don’t panic, your little care can not only prevent all such problems but will also give you an everlasting young beautiful smile.

Let’s see how you can overcome these problems.

Bad breath (also known as halitosis or malodor) can be cause of embarrassment during discussion with people around you. According to a few people bad breath can damage relationships, funny but true. There are simple easy ways to stop and cure bad breath.

• While brushing your teeth clean your tongue and hard palate as well with the same tooth brush but softly. There are many bacterial colonies on your tongue which is the major cause of halitosis. Also use same brush to brush your buccal (cheek) side. But brush them softly.
• Use mouth wash.
• Eat those foods which smell good – because they make your breath smell good. Take fruits high in vitamin C, for example. Melons, berries and citrus fruits such as oranges are packed with vitamin C.
• skip cigarettes

Tooth decay is the destruction of tooth structure and can affect both the enamel (the outer coating of the tooth) and the dentin layer of the tooth. We can prevent it by few simple ways.

• Brush your teeth at least twice a day
• Use fluoride-containing toothpaste.
• Clean between your teeth daily with dental floss or interdentally cleaners.
• Eat nutritious food and avoid snacks and junks.
• Visit your dentist once in a month or once in two months at-least.

Mouth Sores (Oral lesions) make it painful to eat and talk. Most common oral lesions are fever blisters (cold sores) and canker sores, other types of oral lesions are leukoplakia, candidosis, hairy tongue, torus palatines and oral cancer. We can prevent oral soreness by simple measures.

• Stop smoking
• Avoid stressful situations
• Eat food carefully and slowly
• You can use a cool mouth wash.
• Take good care of oral hygiene
• Avoid self medication
• Drink plenty of water
• Consult dentist/physician and use vitamin B complex and folic acid supplements, they help.
• Avoid eating hot, spicy food and carbonated drinks or beverages.

If you are told that you suffer from periodontal (gum) disease then don’t panic because you’re not alone. You can prevent this tense condition by simple care.

• Quit one of the most important factors ‘smoking’.
• Brush your teeth twice a day
• Use an antiseptic mouthwash, one with anti-plaque.
• Fluoride treatment has helped to account for the decline in periodontal disease.

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most commonly occurring problems in both children and adults. You can avoid this pain which often gives you problem in eating. By following our simple care tips you may avoid it.

• Use the salt water remedy
• Brush your teeth properly but SOFTLY.
• Adapt a hobby to reduce stress which leads you to crush your teeth.
• You can use numbing gel on an affected area.
• Visit your dentist once in a month or once in two months at-least.

Teeth is part of a human body which is once lost is lost forever. A beautiful person needs beautiful teeth. Prevention is better than cure, dental problems may occur but only when we don’t care much, so take care of that beautiful smile and keep on showing off your shining whites teeth.

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