Idea for Ramadan Shopping

ramadan prepareRamadan is known as the month of Barkat. And usually this is obviously displayed on the table of Iftar and Saher. So why not celebrate this Saher-o-Iftar with many delicious and most favorite recipe. Now be ready for proper cooking because we are here to guide and helps you that how to shop and store your food properly, giving you a head start on planning your meals. This way,ramadan Shooping instead of worrying about the ingredients, you will be prepared and have plenty of time to come up with creative and nutritionally complete dishes for your family and friends.

You can be divided your foods into several categories that can be stored and preserved in different ways, allowing you to shop for food at different times before Ramadan.

1 week prior to Ramadan
The thing to think about before 1 week prior to Ramadan is how to organize the foods in your freezer. Foods can be used for as long as 6 months if they are properly stored.
ramadan 123

2 Days Prior to Ramadan
Finally as Ramadan is approaching you might need to think about perishable foods, those that can spoil if bought too early.

ramadan image 2This table will help you organize your shopping during the holy month of Ramadan. It will also tell you how to preserve your energy and have the ingredients on hand for cooking. Remember, healthy eating starts with proper planning of your menu and sensible grocery shopping.

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