Kam Khain Magar Acha Khain – Chef Samina Jalil !

Samina_interview_01 - Copy Samina_interview_02-CopySamina_interview_03 Samina_interview_04Samina_interview_05 Samina_interview_06 Samina_interview_07Samina Jalil is a qualified chef woman. Her home-based cooking classes have assisted thousands of house spouse and ladies who were looking for an authentic platform to learn the art of cooking.

One thought on “Kam Khain Magar Acha Khain – Chef Samina Jalil !

  1. Hayam

    Bauhat he achi chef hain.. sab sy bari baat inka mujhy husn e ikhlaaq bauhat umda lagta hai. us sy bhi bari achi bat jistarha sy unhon ny bayan kya woh yaqeenan ek achi baho bhi hongi jo apny ghar ko ghar to samjhti hain agar aj kal ki baho sy comparison kya jaye.


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