Lets Come to know Few Rules For Cooking Perfect Pasta!

Pasta is one of very quick and delicious foods it can be cooked with chicken meat, beef meat and with vegetable as well such as Pasta and Tomato Soup, Pasta Shells With Anchovy Sauce, Pasta with Artichokes, Pasta Piselli, Chicken pasta, Ground Beef Pasta, Tomato Pasta Rolls…etc karachifoods.com has a various selected recipes of pasta to explore and enjoying the extreme taste of it. Pasta is a traditional Italian cuisine it comes in a variety of different shapes that serve for both decoration and cook with the different types of sauce. Now pasta is very much popular among the whole Pakistan.

But there are few rules to cook pasta scrumptious such as:

1: Take a Big pot to boil water

Usually people mistake when cooking pasta due to the small size of their pot because If it doesn’t have the sufficient space than the pasta will stick together or the sides of the pan. Actually Pasta needs a lot of space to move around in while it cooks so always take a big pot for cooking pasta.

Technically, 1 pound of pasta yields 8 servings. To cook 1 pound of pasta, it is recommended that you use 4 quarts of water. That means you will need a 6-quart pot. If you cook a lot of pasta it is worth investing in a big pot – it’s also really useful for other dishes, especially for cooking soups.

2: Add salt for taste when the water comes to boil

Addition of salt is playing a vitally to the cooking process, If you don’t add salt the pasta acquires a slimy texture when cooked. But don’t add it too early or it will just make the pot take longer to come to a boil. You need to add 2 tablespoons of salt to the water when cooking 1 pond pasta.

3: Put pasta and bring it back to the boil

When the pasta comes back to the boil, give it a good stir with a wooden spoon to make sure that none of the pasta is sticking together.

4: Cook the pasta for no longer than it says on the packet

When the water comes back to the boil start your timing. This is VERY important. The cooking time is available on the packet for that particular pasta.  Because the different manufacturers’ times are different. When the time near to end lift out a piece of pasta with a fork or a pair of tongs and bite it to see if it is cooked or not. The pasta is cooked when it is slightly firm to the bite than stop cooking straight away and drains the pasta through a colander.
Now enjoy the pasta and its different recipes with the various selected recipes with karachifoods.com

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