Let’s Enjoy Delicious Foods at Chatkharay Restaurant Karachi!

Chatkharay restaurant is a very famous and thriving restaurant situated in Khadda Market, Defence phase 5, just opposite the stadium.

Chatkahray RestaurantIts name also represents itself abut a tradition cuisines, so it offers traditional Pakistani desi cuisine in an upscale dining environment with some continental dishes as well. They also offer breakfast on all days of the week now.

They also announce the special menu of the day in their Black Board.

In the downstairs, there are some jars of “homemade” pickles/achar and other chutneys, sauces and spicy condiments are for sale.

There is a very attractive & Hygienic Dining hall upstairs. A LCD screen is also placed in hall to make customer entertain.  Some AC is also installing there to make the environment cool in this hottest summer season.

Here are some Special dishes of Chatkahray. They are truly scrumptious taste of food.

Mix Chart
Special Gool Gapay
Chicken shahlik

So Let’s Come towards Chatkahray restaurant and enjoy delicious taste of foods with your friends and families.


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