Make Iftar Perfect Meals!

Ramadan-Iftar-Sehri-Deals-2012-Blog-TitleWith Ramadan nearing, it’s probably the right time to think of how you can make Iftar a completely healthy and balanced food for yourself and your family members, since it is probably the most significant one you will have every day! A proper and healthy balanced Iftar will offer your body with the necessary without including needless calorie consumption, in comparison to a huge Iftar which can often cause to a sensation of pain in your abdomen.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that your Iftar is balanced and healthy for you and your loved ones:

Make Healthy Food Choices: Select intelligently from within the different food groups which include grain products, fruits and vegetables, meats and legumes, dairy and alternatives. You can imagesalso benefit further by varying your intake from within the food groups. For instance, choose wholegrain bread, brown pasta or long grain rice more often. Consume lots of vegetables and a minimum of 2 servings of fruit groups. Have lean meat cuts, fish and your skinless chicken more often. Switch from full fat milk and dairy products to low fat options, which would still provide you with the calcium that you need, minus the extra calories. And go slow with the usage of oils, and enjoy lighter sweet options!

Prepare Your Food Using Healthy Cooking Methods: Try to bake your chicken & beef instead of having them fried. Steam your vegetables for few minutes to enjoy their crunchy taste; this would also retain their vitamin content which could be otherwise lost with prolonged cooking. Cook your main dishes with a variety of vegetables, cut down on fat and salt which would make it healthier for your heart and well-being in general. Focus on soups as they provide you with the fluids that you have lost during your fast. It also serves as a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals which will help boost your immunity

Control The Size Of Your Portions: Eating big food portions might lead to weight gain. It could es-PIC2also result in a distended stomach and a feeling of discomfort. So remember to be moderate by controlling your portions to accommodate the variety of food that will be available during your Iftar.

Balance Your Dish: For a well-balanced meal, try dividing your main course plate into 3 portions: one quarter with carbohydrates and their alternatives, another with meats and their alternatives, and half your plate for salad and cooked vegetables. This will help cover your body’s nutritional requirements without necessarily adding extra calories to the food you are consuming.

Include The Essentials: Add a tablespoon of olive oil to your salad to enhance your heart health. Drink laban as a fresh drink rather than sweetened juices or soft drinks, because laban will provide you with a generous quantity of calcium to maintain healthy bones. Also include dried fruits which serve as an instant source of energy after a long day of fasting.

Vary What You Eat: Sticking to one kind of food for Iftar may prevent your body from having enough nutrients for its proper functions. When your food intake is varied, you are more likely to take in all the nutrients you need. And for more health benefits, vary your Iftar choices within your week and month.

Iftar is an exclusive gathering that you enjoy with your buddies and close family members. This is why it is important that you make sensible diet, to feel more healthy and balanced and satisfied. But most of all, having a proper and balanced Iftar daily will help yourself your associates members stay nourished and energetic all through this holy and blessed season.

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