Masala Family Festival 2014 !

Masala Family Festival has been broken all of his previous records and did an incredible successful Masala Family Festival 2014 at expo center Karachi.  Kfoods team visited this family festival and covers the whole events.  This family festival was divided into various areas. A separate area was reserved for eating activities called the food court. All the eatables and drinks were available in this area and there was also a separate area for kids’ activities. There was a many different kind of installs Inside the Halls which were set with different kinds of products like jewelry, cosmetics, home appliances, fabrics and clothes, ice-cream, food items etc. The whole area was full of active, happy and enjoying visitors who were enjoying the activities set for the people.

Masala Family Festival

The peoples come to the masala family festival not only from Karachi but also from all over the country. In fact there was massive crowd and all the halls were fully loaded in fact in sometimes people were waiting to enter in the hall due to full occupied. This showed the love and interest of the Pakistani people for HUM Network and especially for Masala TV.

In this era of social mental distress, people want to get out of their houses for a while and attend refreshing events like this event, to refresh their minds and souls just for a change.

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