Mazy Mazy ke Kahnay in Karachi Best Buffet Restaurants !

One of the most common entertainments in karachi is gathering with your friends and families in a best buffet’s restaurant and dining the scrumptious foods from the varieties of cuisines so let’s have a look at some restaurants that offers the best buffets in Karachi, which have great food and great atmosphere to give you a complete dining experienceHere are top 5 Karachi most visited buffet

Lal Qila Buffet Restaurant
It is one of the most popular buffet restaurants in Karachi, located near Shah-re-Faisal across Awami Markaz, it has an amazing range of dishes which are revolving every day. The restaurant designed like the Red Castle to show the Mughlai era, they followed standard Mughal dining. Their all dishes, from appetizers to desserts, are well executed and scrumptious.

Dinner at Lal Qila would cost Rs 1350 per head (adult)Lal Qila Buffet Rates

Rangoli Buffet Restaurant
Rangoli Restaurant is a great place where each person likes every moment of life. The surrounding of the restaurant is par excellence and the structural design is delicate with different halls sorting out the dining places. There are also live cooking areas where the diverse range of dishes being cooked, like Shawerma, Saji…etc. They also offer Arena Gaming passes with a variety of buffet deals. In fact it is the perfect entertaining place where you can enjoy allot.

Dinner at Lal Qila would cost Rs. 1391 including tax per head (adult)rangoli

Kabab Ji Restaurant
Kabab-Ji is a Lebanese restaurant that offers authentic Arabic cuisine in a traditional Lebanese atmosphere. It is located in Movenpick Hotel. The cuisines are prepared by Experts Chefs, who proudly presents the taste of Lebanon here in Karachi, Pakistan. Kabab-ji are very known for their delicious Shish Taouk (Grilled skewers of chicken breast marinated in garlic & lemon juice) and Shish Kebab (Grilled lamb on a skewer & served with onion & bell peppers).

The buffet here is offered every Wednesday and Saturday night Rs. 1399+tax per head.

Mirage Buffet Restaurant
Located on Do Darya Beach Avenue, D.H.A. phase 8, Mirage brings a whole new level to dining by offering you stunning selection of cuisines on a pleasant venue of the sea. Mirage is highly recommended if you’re looking for a dinner with absolutely amazing sights. They specialize in Pakistani, Chinese, Thai, Mughlai, BBQ and seafood.

The dinner buffet costs Rs. 1200 per head.

Sajjad Restaurant
Sajjad Restaurant is situated in a renowned place Karachi “Do Darya”. There atmosphere is fair with attractive lighting and the seating arrangements are great with Open Air and Covered Dining Hall for, play area is also available for children so you can keep an eye on your children while they are playing around. Sajjad Restaurant is quite secure due to its middle location; here you can also enjoy the beautiful view of sea with tasteful food. So let’s come and enjoy the excellent menu of sajjad restaurant with some exclusive deals and offers.Sunday BrunchThe Sunday Brunch costs Rs. 795+Tax per head.

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