Pasta Ke Aqsam – Kahny main Mazaidar!

Pasta is basically made out of flour, water, oil, eggs (could be without), seasoning and herbs. It can be made with any combination of those ingredients, which can be mixed together to form a dough and then the dough can be rolled thin and cut into different shapes (rectangles for lasagna, long narrow strips for spaghetti, and long flat strips for linguine…etc). These are the main traditional ingredients used in making Pasta, but of course there are other variations are also available.


Forms, Shapes and Flavors:
There are many forms of Pasta. Most are categorized as Italian or Oriental. The Italian variety is classically drum-wheat based. The Oriental Pasta, on the other hand, is made out of different flours and starches and is usually long strips of pasta, known as noodles. There is a good range of Italian pasta that is non-wheat based and made with other flours instead. These are mainly for health food markets in order to cater for those who are wheat intolerant for instance, or eliminating wheat products from their diets. Whole-wheat and Buckwheat are to name a few, but with the increased interest in grains and other starches, nowadays you can find many pasta

Pasta is usually served as a starter to a meal, usually followed by a meat/poultry/fish dish, but could also be served as a side to a main dish or as main at times.

Pastas and Their Commonly Used Names:
1. CampanellePasta numbers
2. Mini Bow Ties
3. Gnocchi
4. Spaghetti
5. Manicotti
6. Penne
7. Ravioli
8. Linguine
9. Fine Egg Noodles
10. Mafalda
11. Orzo (rosamarina)
12. Fusilli
13. CousCous
14. Small Shell Macaroni
15. Rotini
16. Capellini
17. Wide Egg Noodles
18. lumachepasta 2
19. Long Ziti
20. Capellini (angel Hair)
21. Lasagne Noodles
22. Ziti
23. Ruote (Wagon Wheel Macaroni)
24. Cavatappi
25. Acini di peppe
26. Mafalda
27. Gemelli
28. Tortellini (tortelloni is the same but larger)
29. Ditalini (tiney Thimbles)
30. Rigatoni
31. Vermicelli
32. Cavatelli
33. Fettuccine
34. Nested Vermicelli (Nested Spaghetti)

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