Perfect Meal Plan for Lazy Winter Evening!

Winter is the season to relax inside the warm home which may not be possible always. You have to go out for your work and after a hectic and tiring winter days, every one wish to relax in the evening especially during weekends and try to eat some warm dishes that should be easy but yummy.

During cold winter days when you don’t like to cook but like to eat some sort of delicious and easy to cook foods. So, here are some quick and easy winter evening meal ideas that will be ideal to enjoy the evening HI-tea at home.

A bowl of warm soup is the best thing to start your meal in a winter evening. Cooking a vegetable soup or plain chicken soup does not take any time at all. If you want to save more time, you can buy the pre-cooked soups, just to warm up and serve but it is not as must good for the health as much that soup recipe that you try at home. Here we are with the vast variety of soup recipe which are perfect for this season.

Halwa Recipes:Halwa Recipes
Halwa is an Arabic word that means sweet, however in Pakistan halwa recipes are very much popular especially during winter season Egg halwa, Gajar ka halwa, Badam ka halwa and many other kind of halwa recipes. These are not only eat in evening but it could also be enjoy after lunch and dinner as a sweet dessert.

A steamy plate of pastas with favorite sauce can be the ideal choice for a cold and snowy afternoon or evening. You can prepare the sauce in advance to warm up and serve over the steamy pasta. Otherwise, cooking pasta sauce does not take much time. Whether it is meat ball sauce or anything else, it will be prepared within minutes when the ingredients are ready. Readymade pasta sauces are also available to quicken the process.

Hot Tea Recipe:Hot Tea Recipe
Enjoy your tea in the evening with spices, herbs and other that warm you up during the chilly season, such as Masala tea, Khawa and Ginger tea…etc. These teas are free of caffeine and it is good to make you fit and active during these days.


Fried Fish Recipes :
Fried Fish is also a perfect meal for winter evening. You enjoy these fry fish recipes with any kind of fish but usually salmon, Pomfret..etc are mostly use for such a these kind of fried recipe in different style.

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