Pumpkin a Best Winter Squash Family Fruit with some diabetic Friendly Recipes!

The sweet flavors of pumpkin are wonderful in various kinds of autumnal taste full recipes. Pumpkins are grown all around the world but United States, Canada, Mexico, India and China are the biggest international producers of pumpkins. Usually in Pakistan pumpkin found in tribal area but due to full fill the demand it’s also import form the china as well. During December or from the end of November it is easily available in the markets of Pakistan. It is a very healthy fruit and found in six different verities from all over the world

Such as

  • Queensland blue pumpkinPumpkin
  • Butternut pumpkin
  • Jarrahdale pumpkin
  • Dumpling pumpkin
  • Jap pumpkin
  • Golden nugget pumpkin
Chinese use pumpkin foods to keep lower blood sugar. Diabetes patients can eat any of the pumpkin families on daily basis. Pakistan is one of the 10 countries in the world with the highest prevalence of diabetes and has one of the fastest increases in the number of diabetics. Pumpkin helps you to get a total control on diabetes. Karachifoods has selected number of sugar free recipes that could help to eat pumpkin with a variety of taste such as Pumpkin Soup, Shrimp in Pumpkin Seed Sauce you can use it with other different foods. There are other pumpkin recipes with sugar like Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, Creamy Pumpkin sauce, Iced Pumpkin Cookies, Rigatoni with Pumpkin…etc. In short Pumpkin may be better for someone on a calorie-restricting diet, this is a very healthy source of nutrients and make scrumptious filling for pie. So enjoy!

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