Quick Breakfast Ideas!

b-fastYour body needs care and proper diet so that you can stay fit and healthy. Breakfast is often missed by many people and they do not realize how important your meal to start your day is. Being too busy, waking up late for the office or school, morning sickness and desire to lose weight are some common reasons why many people neglect their breakfast.

Importance of Breakfast

  • Morning fuel will help you to regain the glucose level in your blood.
  • Breakfast provides you nutrition to start your day well.
  • If you do not take proper breakfast you will feel tired and low the whole day.delicious-breakfast-ideas-09
  • Morning meal improves your concentration level.
  • It provides you with energy to work.
  • Eating in the morning keeps you away from overeating later in the day.
  • A proper healthy breakfast can help you to reduce weight.
  • Habit of taking a nutritious breakfast keeps you healthy.

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  • Cereal with strawberries/bananas and milk
  • Oatmeal, orange/apple and milk
  • Pancakes topped with fruit and skimmed milk
  • Boiled egg with bran, banana and milk
  • Apple and yogurt
  • Bowl of mix fruit salad. Try to add a combination of fresh fruits in your morning diet.
  • Cornflakes and high fiber cereals with dry or fresh fruits and milk
  • Bran bread with a fruit jam/marmalade and a glass of juice/milk
  • Omelets with juice and bran slice
  • Waffle with fruits
  • French toast with a shake

So take your breakfast healthy to perform active all the day.

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