Ramadan Healthy Eating!

ramadan-eating-1-460x250With long hours of fast, it becomes quite a task for a starving tummy to choose from eating healthy at iftar. But sometimes it’s not really tough, as it is easy to keep your weight constant and appropriate. All you have to do is prepare and eat food made from fresh edibles, cooked in a healthy manner for a nutritious Ramadan meal. This will keep you nourished while it will a lesson to be learned for other family members

Preliminary preparations for healthier foods in Ramadan

  • Choose fresh vegetables as they contain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Use fresh fruits to prepare juices and serve them without adding sugar.Healthy-Ramadan-Fruit-Drinks
  • Use low fat milk and other low fat dairy products.
  • Avoid using butter and ghee in cooking and substitute them with vegetable oils in small amounts.
  • Try using lean meat, fish and skinless chicken, and prepare them by grilling, boiling and baking rather than frying.

Your body need nutrients and for getting nutrients, your meals should contain all the basic food groups (bread and grains, fruits and vegetables, meat and legumes, milk and dairy products).

Here are a few things to choose from and a few to avoid:
To help you choose the right foods during the holy month, we have prepared a simple guide, loaded with many healthy food choices to keep you energetic and nurtured all through Ramadan.

Meat and other protein sources
image 1Fruits and vegetables

image 2

With such an assorted list of food available for you to choose from, this religious journey will surely be a nicely, healthy trip. And with a better view of your choices this Ramadan, you now hold the key to a nutritious diet.

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