Restaurants Iftar Diner Deals 2013!

iftarrThe 5th Roza of Ramadan 2013 has been passed and there is only near about 25days are remaining so don’t miss any benefits of Ramadan and try to focus to perform all religious duties that are imposed on us as a Muslim.

To make your Ramadan more delight full there are many restaurant who offers exclusive discount especially for Iftar plus dinner. We get or try to get the better in completing our data for the Best Iftar deals from all major cities of Pakistan especially from Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad from top restaurants like Tabaq, Chez Nur, Yum Chinese, California Grill, Opium Thai, Bundu Khan and many more.

Iftar Buffet deals offer a bunch of assorted ramadan snacks that start from the Date, pakora recipe, samosas, dhai bhallay till a great range of main courses and desserts depending upon what they have to offer. This year there are more than 50 Restaurants in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad offering Ramadan time deals. We will be working hard to increase this quantity of Ramadan offers day by day as the restaurant offered.

However top 10 famous Restaurant Deals are here. If you want to check out all restaurants deals than click: Ramadan Iftar Deals 2013

The Deli Restaurant Karachi
The Deli Restaurant Karachi Celebrate a Healthy Iftar & Dinner in just Rs. 899 + Gst!Ramadan-Queen-June2013

Mirage Buffet Karachi
Mirage Ramadan Deal Iftar + Dinner buffet 100+ dishes. Adults Rs.1050 per head & Kids Rs.650 per head (all rates are including taxes) Iftar at Mirage will start from 3rd day of ramzan.

Rangoli Buffet Karachi
Rangoli iftar dinner deal in just Rs. 1099/= only

Marco Polo Restaurant Karachi
Marco Polo Restaurant Karachi offers iftar + Dinner in just Rs. 1475 + tax and Sehri Rs.699 + tax (Children from 4 till 9 years will be Charged Half)

Mela Restaurant karachi
Mela Restaurant karachi Ramadan iftar + Dinner offers in just Rs.750 for adults and Rs. 400 for kids.

Masoom’s Café Lahore
Masoom’s Café Lahore offers Iftar Platter in just Rs.550/=OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tabaq Restaurant Lahore
Tabaq Restaurant Lahore Offers Iftar Buffet in just Rs.1315/= inclusive tax

Yum Chinese Restaurant Lahore
Yum Chinese Restaurant offers great deals on chinese recipes at Lahore Special Iftar Buffet Rs. 1195!

California Grill Lahore
California Grill Lahore Ramadan Iftar Offer at Rs. 1099+Tax

Papasallis Restaurant Islamabad
Papasallis Restaurant Islamabad offers Iftar/Dinner Buffet at Rs.1250+Tax

So Let’s enjoy the yummy tasteful foods from your favorite restaurants.

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