Ramadan Cooking & Eating Habit’s Smart Tips!

Special tips on Ramadan Eating Habit and cooking that may helpful to solve your cooking and eating problem during Ramadan so that you could serve the maximum number of time in Ibadat and earn the blessing of Ramadan. Ramadan is a wonderful opportunity to bring some positive changes in our lives. The real spirit of Ramadan is to build some kind of alteration within us and to carry us close to our religion. So let’s get some special tips that to keep you active so that you could get the all benefits of Ramadan!

Tips on Ramadan Eating Habits

  1. Eating Sehri is very essential to give you energy all day. Do not think that you can lose weight if you miss Sehri as you end up in a lazy day and eat more in iftar. Avoid eating oily foods in Sehri as it can make you feel thirsty all day.
  2. Include fruits in your iftar diet and avoid fried items to stay healthy. Dates provide instant energy and you should try to open your fast with dates.
  3. Drink water in regular intervals after iftar to avoid dehydration.

Advices on Cooking During Ramadan

  1. Make a list of items you can prepare in iftar and sehar and buy grocery accordingly in bulk. This will save your time and will makeRamadan Cooking your cooking decisions easy.
  2. Prepare the food items which you can freeze and use later. Cutlets, samosas, rolls, kebabs, and other ready to fry items can be made before Ramadan and you can fry them whenever needed.
  3. While you cook, listen to any Islamic CD or do zikr and thank Allah for the blessings He has bestowed upon you. In this way you can earn countless rewards while cooking.

Just follow the above the instruction and make your life easy!!

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