Sweets from Different Cultures of Pakistan!

Sweet (Mithai) is the traditional dish for celebrating the happiness especially in the countries like Pakistan, India & Bangladesh. Now there is a various type of sweets sweetswhich derived from different cultures. Like Ghulab Jaman it is one of the most famous types of sweet, Introduced during Mughal rule & now in the current age there is a list of sweet dishes recipes which are very much popular around the Pakistan. Like Burfi, Ras Gula, Cham Cham, Ladu, jalebi, Gajjar Halwa, Akhrot Halwa, Sohan Halwa, Habshi Halwa, etc that come from different societies or cultures and make a wide category  of sweets recipes & cake recipes.
Sweets (Mithai) are an essential part of weddings and just as important as groom and bride. When people of here talk about weddings or decide the date for the ceremony or meet their future in laws they are usually asking like “where is Mithai” or “Kuch Metah Hojai”.
Sweets (Mithai) have an essential element of any occasion in Pakistan’s culture. Sweet is also a best choice for a standard gift for any events like Eid, Birthday, Christmas, New Years, Happy Anniversaries or other parties etc… there are a number of shops in Karachi that offers the best quality and hygienic sweets like Dilpasand sweet bakers, Dhaka Sweets, BRAVO BAKERY, DUNKIN’ DONUTS, Faisal sweet & baker, Qasr-e-sherren, Habib Mithai Wala, Rahat Bakers, Ambala sweets & Bakers and much more. So let’s enjoy your precious occasions with delicious traditional sweets.
Note: karachifoods.com has a selected range of sweets & cakes recipes.

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