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Cashew Nut is Rich Nutritional Dry Fruit & Flavorful Ingredients for Recipes!

The soft, crispy and crunchy cashew nuts are loved for their luscious flavor. They are eaten as a snack or covered in chocolate and are often used as a flavorful ingredients to appetizers, desserts and with other foods.
cashew nutCashew nuts are faintly sweet in taste they are enjoyed as garnish in sweets and desserts along with almonds, they are scattered over desserts, and ice cream based preparations and is widely used in biscuits, sweets and cakes. Especially in Pakistan during winter it takes with a cup of evening tea or at night after meal. Cashew nuts are also used in Thai, Chinese, Indian & Pakistani cuisines along with almonds and other dry fruits to make recipes flavorful and scrumptious in taste.

Cashew nuts have a very excellent amount of Nutrition with several health benefits.

  • It restrains healthy monounsaturated fat that encourages good cardiovascularcashew nut health, because monounsaturated fats reduce high triglyceride levels which are related with increased risk for heart disease.
  • Cashew is rich in antioxidants that help in the elimination of free radicals that may cause some cancer.
  • They have a high energy density and high amount of dietary fiber; both have been attributed to a beneficial effect on weight management.
  • Cashew nut consumption helps the body utilize iron, eliminate free radicals, develop bone and connective tissue, and produce the skin and hair pigment melanin.
  • Cashew nut is cholesterol free.
  • It is an energizing food that is good for bones and joints.
So let’s enjoy such a healthy and scrumptious dry fruit with many Thai, Chinese, Indian & Pakistani cuisines recipes for enjoy the delicious taste with energy.
Note: Cashews quickly spoil at room temperature so it should be refrigerated in a tightly sealed container, than you can enjoy it for six months or up to a year if frozen.