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Let’s Come to Know Some Handy Information for Slaughtering!

In Eid-Ul-Adha first day the Muslims are put on fresh new clothes and go to perform Namaz at Eidgah & then perform slaughtering According to the Islamic Rule after it divide the m eat in to three parts uniformly, one for the poor and 2nd part for the relatives, friends & neighbor, the rest keep their self. Eid Prayer is compulsory according to Islam & the Prophet (P.B.U.H) always performed it and instructed to the Ummah to perform.

During the Slaughtering you must have to follow following Instruction:

  1. The animal is slaughtered by a sharp object which is capable of making it bleed by severing blood vessels.
  2. Zabihaa is an Arabic word which means slaughtered. The slaughtering is to be done by cutting the throat, windpipe and the blood vessels in the neck causing the animals death, but without cutting the spinal cord.
  3. The blood has to be drained completely before the head is removed. The purpose is to drain out most of the blood, which would otherwise serve as a good culture medium for micro organisms. Hence, for this purpose, the spinal cord must not be cut; otherwise the nerve fibers to the heart would be damaged during the process causing cardiac arrest, resulting in stagnation of the blood in the blood vessels.
  4. Blood is a good source for germs, bacteria, toxins, etc. Therefore the Islamic way of slaughtering is more hygienic due to eliminating of maximum bloods.
  5. According to the Islamic slaughtered method Meat remains fresh for a longer time due to deficiency of blood in the meat as compared to other methods of slaughtering.
  6. The swift cutting of vessels of the neck disconnects the flow of blood to the nerve of the brain responsible for pain. Thus the animal does not feel pain. While dying, the animal appears to struggle, writhe, shake and kick, not due to pain, but due to the contraction and relaxation of the muscles deficient in blood and due to the flow of blood out of the body.